2016 Assembly Recap
"We Are Church Together!" - Amen!

Many special guests joined us throughout the weekend!!

Bishops, Maaskofu, Obispo........ Everywhere!!
Pictured left to right are those who assisted with worship at Sunday's closing assembly worship: Bishop Rodger Prois, Rev. Dr. Gabriel Nduye, Bishop Isaya Mengele, Southern Diocese of Tanzania; Bishop Izani Bruch, Chile; Rev. Denise Parrello, Scandia Parish; Bishop David Brauer-Rieke, Oregon Synod. 
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Rev. Richard Pleva (United Church of Christ) and Bishop Mengele serving communion
Bishop Trimble (United Methodist Church)
Rev. Dr. Gabriel Nduye & Bishop Isaya Mengele explaining the wooden cross presented to Bishop Prois.
Bishop Izani Bruch (Chile) addressing the assembly.
Thank you to Tom Smith from St John/Sioux City for the photos.
Assembly Business - Three Resolutions Passed:

1. Seminarian Support Strategy

RESOLVED, that each congregation of the Western Iowa Synod be encouraged to develop a SEMINARIAN SUPPORT STRATEGY, in order to lift up the call to rostered ministry and the ELCA candidacy process within the membership of their congregation; and be it further
RESOLVED, that this strategy would include, but not be limited to, a plan for prayerful support of ELCA seminaries and seminarians, various plans for financial support of seminarians and recent graduates, and various plans for indenifying those with gifts for rostered ministry in the church; and be it further
RESOLVED, that within the next ten months each congregation of the Western Iowa Synod would develop their SEMINARIAN SUPPORT STRATEGY made up of the three parts: 1. a method of identifying those with gifts for rostered ministry; 2. means of prayerful support of those entering seminary education; and 3. a method of financially assisting students attending seminary; and be it further
RESOLVED, that this SEMINARIAN SUPPORT STRATEGY would be forwarded to the Bishop and the Director of Missional Leadership in preparation for a summary report to be presented at the 2017 Synod Assembly.

2. Western Iowa Synod 2017 Compensation Guidelines 

3. Adopt the Budget
RESOLVED, that the Assembly of the Western Iowa Synod ELCA adopt the revised budget for the fiscal year beginning February 1, 2016, and the proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning February 1, 2017.
The budget and compensation guidelines can be found by clicking here!
Share Your Congregation's Stories
The theme "We Are Church Together!" carried through the entire weekend, with an Amen! to be heard each time someone spoke these words. On Sunday morning, many assembly members approached the microphone to share stories about how they or their congregation model what it means to live as "We Are Church Together!" This theme will continue throughout this next year in the synod. As you see and experience this in your setting, we encourage you to send us your stories and photos to share with others as "We Are Church Together!"- Amen!
Stories and photos may be emailed to Lynn at Lynn.egesdal@wisynod.org
We Are Church Together Resource
Does being the church matter? If it does, why and how do we as members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) make a difference in the world? Our presiding bishop, Elizabeth Eaton, is working with a task force to reflect on the nature and purpose of the church, especially in relation to our global and ecumenical commitments to other church bodies. The review has prompted this group to ask you — leaders, members and friends of ELCA congregations — what you think about this question: By being church together, what can the ELCA uniquely offer to the world? Your answers to this question have implications for many aspects of God’s work through the hands of ELCA members. For example: • How do you see God at work in your congregation? • What is God doing in your community and the world through your congregation? 

Study Guide for your Congregation's use!!
2016 Assembly Evaluation

Please take one minute or two to fill out the online evaluation by clicking here! This will help us in our planning for future assemblies. 

Thank you in advance for your comments. We do realize that it was very warm and a somewhat cramped space that we were assembled in. We were thankful to have at least some air conditioning, even though it was having a hard time keeping up. However even with said conditions we appreciated everyone's patience and flexibility, especially with some of the hotel issues which we did not have control over. 

Thank you to all of the networks and committees that helped in the planning and execution of the assembly. The Mission Team wouldn't have been able to do it without you. If you or someone you know is interested in sharing your gifts in the planning or execution of next year's assembly which is in Sioux City, please let Lynn Egesdal know. Thank you!!
Many Artistic and Creative People at Assembly

Rusty Farrington is professor of Art History at Iowa Central Community college and member of St Pauls Rockwell City. Inspired by "We are Church Together" at synod assembly, he began to think of the scripture "I will make you fishers of people" and produced this 'doodle.'
Videos that were used at the assembly:
Is your congregation ready for an adventure?

Attention Rostered Leaders (Pastors)
Photos for Western Iowa Synod Directory
First of all, thank you to the many pastors that attended the pre assembly event at St John Lutheran and had their picture taken by Lifetouch. If you were not in attendance but have had a picture taken by Lifetouch in the last year, please let us know. That photo may be used in the directory. Otherwise, you may submit a good quality photo for a $10 fee. Those photos should be in a digital format and emailed to Julie at Julie.cook@wisynod.org by June 30th!!
    We encourage you to continue to lift up and model the theme: "We Are Church Together!"