A Madison Symphony Christmas
Friday, December 4, 2015
Good morning, All!

We learned last night that Con Gioia will be finishing earlier than originally predicted (yay!) so we have moved the pick up times (for Con Gioia only) earlier by 30 minutes. We never fully know the timing until the Thursday evening rehearsal with the symphony--thanks for your flexibility!

Friday, December 4: Call time is still 7:00pm | Pick up is now 8:15pm
Saturday, December 5: Call time is still 7:30pm | Pick up is now 8:45pm
Sunday, December 6: Call time is still 2:00pm | Pick up is now 3:15pm

IMPORTANT: If you are attending the performance, you will still pick up your singer at Intermission and this time will more closely coincide with what we originally published. Girls staying until Intermission will have a slightly longer wait downstairs but they will be in good hands! If you are attending the concert, please do not leave the concert hall before Intermission--there is always plenty of time to exit the building and walk around the block to security to pick up your daughter!

It would be very helpful to the pick up process if your singer knows if she is getting picked up at Intermission (because you are attending the concert) or if she is getting picked up when she is finished singing at the times listed above. Please have a conversation with your daughter so she knows the plan before each drop off so everyone is on the same page.

Your call times and pick up times have NOT changed:

Friday, December 4: Call time is 7:00pm | Pick up is 9:45pm
Saturday, December 5: Call time is 7:30pm | Pick up is 10:15pm
Sunday, December 6: Call time is 2:00pm | Pick up is 4:45pm

Don't forget tonight is full concert (fancy duds) wardrobe:

Cantabile and Con Gioia: black MYC concert dress, black hosiery, flat, black dress shoes. Undergarments should not be visible--black is best, if possible.

Ragazzi Men: spiffy tuxedo with bow tie, black dress shoes, black socks. If you were sent to Nedrebos for your jacket, Lynn will have a bow tie for you at security tonight. Everyone else--your bow tie should be where we placed it on the night you were fitted--in the pocket of your jacket. Look there first!

Finally, thank you parents for supporting your singer's participation in this extraordinary performance opportunity. Downtown traffic will be congested on Friday and Saturday--thank you for planning ahead so your singer can be on time.

Everyone is doing a fabulous job--looking forward to tonight!