A Madison Symphony Christmas
Friday, December 4, 2015
Hi, Cantabile and Ragazzi families!

Congrats on a wonderful first performance!

One slight change for Saturday night (I discussed this with singers tonight)--we'd like to move the call time earlier to 7:15pm. If this is impossible for your family, I understand, but please try to make this work if at all possible. 

And thanks for taking the extra effort to arrive on time--there's always traffic downtown on the weekend, so just allow a little extra time. 

I appreciate everything you do to make this week happen!

See you Saturday night,


P.S. The concert began almost 10 minutes late tonight (traffic)--that's why we were done a bit later than we had predicted. I'd guess the concert will start a little late again tomorrow; all of the performances are sold-out, I believe.