What a Week!
Congratulations and thank you to all for an amazing four days (just four days!) of rehearsals. So much progress was made-- in music-making and in building the tour ethos. We are so proud of everyone's contributions and hard work--thanks for bringing your best to every rehearsal.

As we are now within a week of departure, it's important that we are aware of any changes to your singer's health, emergency contact information or prescription drug information. If anything has changed since you completed the forms in early June, (new concerns, new or discontinued prescriptions, etc.) please be in touch with us before Tuesday, if possible.

If you have any questions about wardrobe or the packing list or the upcoming week (especially as you are likely running errands or getting organized this weekend), please don't hesitate to be in touch with us. We are happy to answer your questions!

A few of you have stopped by the office this week to check the Big Box of Black Shoes for your concert dress shoes. We'll have this out on Sunday before rehearsal if anyone else would like to take a look.

We received our housing assignment today and thought you might enjoy seeing exactly where we are staying. Welcome (back) to Fyfe House! (Same dormitory as 2014!) Hillhead Student Village (Google Map)

Remaining Rehearsal Schedule:
Sunday, July 22 | 6PM - 8:30PM | Westgate Studios, Studio 5 
Monday, July 23 | 10AM - 4PM | Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 5701 Raymond Rd

Send-off Concert
Tuesday, July 24 | Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
  • Singers wear concert wardrobe: blue blazer, white Oxford, khaki pants, boychoir tie, black dress shoes, black belt
  • Call time is 6PM
  • Hall will open for patrons at 6:30PM
  • Concert begins at 7PM
  • Free and open to the public

Audio for the Arts will be recording the concert and all tour participants (singers, chaperones, and staff) will receive a concert CD as part of their tour fee. Additional copies will be available to purchase directly from Audio for the Arts. Woot!

Final Meeting Before Departure
Wednesday, July 25 | 6PM - 7PM | Covenant Presbyterian, 326 S. Segoe Road

Travel Day!
Thursday, July 26 | Covenant Presbyterian
  • 8:30AM arrive and check in with chaperone (show passport, consent form)
  • 8:45AM group picture and final goodbyes
  • 8:55AM load buses
  • 9:00AM Depart!
Tour Wardrobe
  1. Everyone should have five tour T-shirts; two polos; one track jacket.
  2. Singers only: Please try on your concert wardrobe and confirm that between what you told us you already own or would provide and what is in your garment bag you have two Oxford shirts, one blue blazer, one pair of khaki trousers, and one boychoir tie that fit.
  3. All wardrobe items should be neatly labeled with the tour participant's name. A fine point Sharpie works well for this. This will help if any items end up in the laundry during the tour. This includes the white Oxford shirts for singers--please label all items at the neck or waist or on a tag. Blazers do NOT need to be labeled.
  4. Red Gateway tag should be used on your checked bag. Garment bag should be packed inside your suitcase. Don't forget to bring or pack your sling sack--this will be a handy day pack in Scotland. 
  5. Please review the packing list and ask questions if anything is unclear or you need advice.

Passports and Consent to Travel Forms
  1. Is your passport signed? No? Find a black pen and make your mark!
  2. Consent to Travel form was returned to you inside your garment bag. Please keep this form with your passport so it's ready on travel day.

Finally, let's all just enjoy how promising this looks!

Enjoy your weekend :)

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