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The Eastern District of Pennsylvania recently granted a creditor’s request to compel arbitration over a plaintiff’s argument that the arbitration agreement he had signed was void as a result of a bankruptcy court discharging the loan that was governed by the agreement. The court held that the bankruptcy ruling discharged the plaintiff’s debt obligations, not his other obligations under the agreement such as his obligation to arbitrate claims related to the agreement. More on Bankruptcy and Arbitration Here >
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With President Trump’s signature August 23rd, the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 (“SBRA”) will officially take effect in February 2020.
The SBRA is designed to fill a gap in the current bankruptcy laws by providing a framework for small businesses to successfully reorganize in bankruptcy court.  As noted by the senate bill’s sponsor, Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, “Chapter 11 was designed for administering complex business reorganizations involving multi-million dollar companies.”  Due to this design, small businesses are frequently overwhelmed with the burdens of Chapter 11, cannot craft successful plans and are routinely forced to liquidate.   More On the Small Business Reorganization Act Here >
Family Farmer Relief Act Expands Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Protections for Small and Mid-Sized Farms
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Running a family-owned farm is not easy work under the best of economic circumstances, and it can be nearly impossible when times are tough. More than 30 years ago, during the mid-1980s, John Cougar Mellencamp’s mournful song “Rain on the Scarecrow” discussed the epidemic of family farm foreclosures hitting the American Heartland. Thankfully, the overall family farm economy is not at that crisis level today, but storm clouds are rumbling.  More on Family Farmer Relief Act Here >
Not All Creditors Are Created Equal: Critical Vendors and Bankruptcy
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Recent economic indicators suggest that the manufacturing industry in the United States has contracted and that the economy may be headed towards recession. Such news is cause for concern for both healthy and struggling companies. A struggling company may be concerned about the prospect of its own bankruptcy filing, but every company is at risk of becoming a creditor in a bankruptcy case. More on Critical Vendors and Bankruptcy Here >
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