Note From The Executive Director
When attempting to decide what to write about this month, I found myself perplexed and sad. I was recently invited to a conversation about what has going on … the current social climate and current violent events that we’re all witnessing every other day. It was a good conversation between allies of different races.

One thing that came from the conversation was the strong desire to have more dialogue.
So, instead of me ranting and raving, I’ve decided to engage ACF’s community in a dialogue.

We all know that in order for change to come, the systems in place now that lay fertile ground for this downward slope we find ourselves in are going to have to be challenged.
My question for each of you reading this is “If you had to make a list of three solutions or places to start working on regarding correcting what’s happening right now, what would they be?”

Please take a moment and share your list with us via this survey and encourage others to submit their answers too. We’ll share the results next month on the enewsletter and via social media.

We are also going to open up a community forum for dialogue on our website here.
I don’t believe there’s one single thing that’s the solution to transitioning us from where we are right now. I think there are several systems, laws and policies that need to change in order to unpollute the system.

But if we all present our collective lists of things that need to change to those we have elected as officials and demand the change that's needed to STOP the STUPID, this is where we will start. Because we are mighty in numbers!

Please share and dialogue with us. I’m hopeful our collective voices will lead to the change that we have been waiting so long to come.

Will you sing with me?
As always thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, and thanks for being a part of a community of readers who celebrate Change, not Charity in Central Appalachia! 
Peace, love, and justice,

Executive Director​

Please give us your feedback on the enewsletter. We’d love to hear from you.

If you have something you would like to include in eAppalActions, please remember to send your information to Patricia Jones, patricia@appalachiancommunityfund.org, before the 15th of each month.

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Regional News

Margo Miller to Receive Spirit Of ROOTS Honor
ROOTS 40th Anniversary Reunion
On August 12-13 - the Friday and Saturday of ROOTS' 40th Anniversary and blowout Super ROOTS-y Reunion Spectacular, Margo Miller, will be presented with the Spirit of ROOTS Honor. Margo is truly happy to receive this recognition from an organization that has meant so much in her life.
ROOTS Reunion will be a one-of-a-kind gathering, two days of...
  • wonderful performances,
  • story swapping and reminiscing,
  • an amazing menu curated by one of our favorite New Orleans chefs, Black Swan,
  • local caterers, The Colorful Palette and Luella's BBQ
  • visual arts installations,
  • a late-night cabaret featuring the return of Normando Ismay's Cafe Bizosso,
  • a dance party with DJ Dave Soul,
  • singing! (What's a ROOTS event without singing?!)
This is going to be a deep, rich, heart-filled, thought-filled incredible experience. It will be a moment when generations come together to realize what can manifest when one dreams a dream on a mountaintop in Tennessee. We look forward to seeing you in August!
Why Do Coal Mines Close? 
Report from the Western Values Project
The risky business decisions and excessive executive salaries are far more to blame for the coal industry’s decline than any federal regulation. Federal regulations regarding mining are not the reason that coal mines close and jobs are lost in coal country. In fact, the federal government is doing even more than they should to prop up the industry. The federal government provides this industry with tax subsidies, sells these companies’ coal at a price far below market value, allows them to skirt insurance requirements by permitting “selfbonding,” and fails to enforce environmental clean-up laws. The federal government has allowed coal companies to take advantage of our outdated federal coal program for too long. But even all of these favorable decisions and outdated regulations couldn’t help save coal companies from their excessive spending and reckless business investments.

Read full report

Applications are now being accepted for the 2016-17 cohort of Ridgeway -- A Transformative Leadership Experience designed for leaders who are working toward a bright future for Appalachia.  The program is a 10-month immersive experience focused on personal growth, organizational and network development.  The Ridgeway curriculum draws on leading national leadership trainings as well as content specific to our regional context to offer a high-quality and advanced leadership program tailored to Appalachian leaders.
The first Ridgeway cohort in 2015-16 was drawn from leaders and organizations working in East Kentucky.  The 2016-17 cohort will be drawn primarily from the program's base in East Kentucky though is also open to leaders in other parts of Central Appalachia.  The intention is to bring together a 2016-17 cohort that is reflective of Central Appalachia along multiple dimensions of diversity and experience as well as a range of sectors including non-profit, business, government, arts and others that are affecting change in our communities.
Applications will be considered on a rolling basis through Tuesday, August 16.  For more information and a link to the online application, click here.
The Brushy Fork Annual Institute
Participation, Prosperity, and Potential
The Brushy Fork Annual Institute is Appalachia’s premier skill building and networking event hosted each September on the campus of Berea College, just off I-75 in Central Kentucky. The event brings together community and non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs, elected officials, students and educators, citizen activists, artists, volunteers, and grassroots practitioners from all across Appalachia to work and learn together. This year’s theme is focused on participation, prosperity, and potential. Building on this theme, our track sessions will emphasize the values of inclusion, collaboration, nurturing creativity, and expanding leadership. 

This pivotal moment in Appalachia’s history poses some challenging questions for us all:

  • How might we harness our collective knowledge, creativity, and entrepreneurship to build a thriving region?
  • How might we best cultivate next generation leadership and what roles will our youth play as innovators, workers, and future leaders?
  • How might we expand participation and ownership in communities to promote meaningful engagement, create economic resilience, and cultivate shared prosperity?
  • How might we build communities of opportunity for all of our regional residents?

The answers to such questions will determine our regional future. 
Event details
Mark Your Calendar
In the summer, it's not a good time to sink new plants, but it's a great time to prep a site! Mark your calendar for August 9th and 10th for two work days at SEEED to prep a new site for the Fall planting and to install a shed/greenhouse. SEEED will have many volunteers on hand so it's a great way to meet more folks who care about these projects.  
Read more about the workday here
THCC Annual Conference 2016
To Your Health, Tennessee:Sustaining the Effort!
The Tennessee Health Care Campaign (THCC) is a statewide nonprofit organization whose board of directors, staff and volunteers have worked for all Tennesseans to have affordable access to high-quality health care.

The goals of this year's conference are: 
a) to educate about, implement, and advance the Affordable Care Act;
b) to increase the cadre of people who can advocate for Medicaid expansion to close the coverage gap; and 
c) to increase the number of enrollees

Continuing Education Units: Some of the sessions will be eligibile for Certified Application Counselor units. The conference is also applying for Continuing Education through the National Association of Social Workers. There will be sessions in which you sit and absorb information and ask questions, and there will be sessions in which you will interactively participate. ​
Conference details and registration
Register here
Virginia Transgender Information and Empowerment Summit
October 22, 2016
The Third annual Transgender Information and Empowerment Summit (TIES) will be held Saturday, October 22, 2016. One of the major goals of this conference is to create opportunities for connection; and, your participation helps to build a vibrant and diverse space where individuals can learn, grow, and get connected to important resources.
Get more details here
“EXTREME Appalachia!”
Preliminary Call for Participation 2017 Appalachian Studies Association Conference!
March 9-12, 2017, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia. “Extreme Appalachia” is the theme for the 40th annual Appalachian Studies Conference. “Extreme” is the impassioned commitments people have to the region, the land, and Appalachian communities, ways of life, and livelihoods. "Extreme" is the ways extreme economics—excessive resource extraction and use, under funding of public education and services, and dismal job opportunities—have sparked community resilience and activism that advance a sustainable future for the region. “Extreme Appalachia” also references exploitative pop culture products like reality television programming—as well as the countering power of the region’s visual, performance, and literary arts to nurture, provoke, and inspire. In the face of extremity, regionalist scholarship continues to augment ongoing struggles for racial, social, economic, and environmental justice.

The 2017 Program Committee invites proposals for panels, papers, posters, round tables, performances, workshops, or organizing sessions. Papers and posters should feature original unpublished work in progress. The full call for participation with details for online submission will go out August 15. Scholarships are available. Deadline for proposals is October 1, 2016, with the preliminary program announced in December 2016.
For further information click here
West Virginia
High Rocks 20th Anniversary
Join the Celebration
Join the High Rocks on Saturday, July 30th from 11am-4pm for their 9th Annual Nettlefest music festival! This year they will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary as a High Rocks family together. Performances this year includes the BLACK MOUNTAIN BLUEGRASS BOYS, the BING BROTHERS and a special performance by High Rocks participants.
Full details here
Young West Virginia: A Power Building Conference 
Got spark? West Virginia wants you.
Are you between the ages of 14-25 and would like to make West Virginia the coolest place for young people to live and work? Register TODAY to attend the Young WV Power Building Conference happening at Marshall University on August 27th and 28th. Help build a statewide movement of young people committed to making waves of change in West Virginia!

  • Youth-led breakouts on voter engagement, racial justice, mental health, LGBT     advocacy and more!
  • Young WV Policy Challenge
  • Professional networking hosted by Generation WV
  • Talent show!
  • Young leaders award

Like Young WV on Facebook to stay in the loop and follow us on Twitter at _YoungWV
Register here
Job Opportunities In Central Appalachia
Innovation Acceleration Strategy (IAS)
VISTA position in West Virginia
The Innovation Acceleration Strategy (IAS) program is a year long community-based economic diversification planning process. They will be working with five communities in Southern West Virginia who are ready, willing and able to start identifying what they want to see in their community, and planning on how to grow and build these sectors. But, these communities will need support to make this project a success. That is where you come in! Working with five communities in Southern West Virginia who are ready, willing and able to start identifying what they want to see in their community. So, if you are ready to serve in helping communities collaborate among themselves, with local government and economic development officials and sector partners in their chosen fields, then apply for this VISTA opportunity. You’ll help identify and work with community leaders, plan community meetings, help with vital sector research and potential funding opportunities, and work toward making these economic diversification plans a reality for southern West Virginia. Training opportunities are provided for you as well! This is a full time, 40 hours a week position, and VISTA receive a modest stipend and an end of service educational award to pay for college or to pay off student loans. (Here’s everything you might need to know about VISTA…). For more info or to submit a resume, contact me at d.taylor@wvhub.org.
More information here
Center for Health, Environment & Justices 
CHEJ has been on the forefront of environmental grassroots organization for 35 years thanks to our supporters, environmental activists, and dedicated staff. Another vital piece of this puzzle is our interns. If you or someone you know is a college student looking for a Fall 2016 internship visit the CHEJ webpage below. CHEJ has a long history of partnership with interns. With their small staff but national influence, CHEJ depends on their interns for valuable contributions to their work. Interns gain real-world experience in the world of grassroots organizing and work directly with professionals in the field.
Check out the internship opportunities page
Brushy Fork Institute
Associate Director
Brushy Fork Institute at Berea College is now accepting applications for the position of Associate Director. The Brushy For Institute facilitates leadership through skill-building and effective engage of individuals and organizations seeking to improve quality of life in central Appalachia. The Associate Director plays a key role in program planning, communications, and implementation of our community-based efforts. We are looking for a strategic thinker and doer who is passionate about rural development and has experience working with folks on the ground to get things done. If you have any questions about this position, they can be directed to Rodney Wolfenbarger, Director, Brushy Fork Institute at Berea College, wolfenbargerr@berea.edu or 859.985.3859.
Interested in applying may learn more here
Director, All-In Cities Initiative
PolicyLink is seeking a dynamic leader to successfully implement the All-In Cities initiative, an effort to support cities in implementing new models of inclusive growth and development at a time when many American cities are experiencing an economic revival, but this rising economic tide is not translating into good jobs, living wages, and ownership opportunities for their low-income residents and communities of color. The initiative provides capacity-building and policy development and implementation support, data and policy tools, and strategic research to local governments and community organizations/coalitions as they develop and implement a range of solutions to increase racial economic inclusion and foster equitable growth in cities and metropolitan regions. This position is an excellent opportunity for a social entrepreneur who is passionate about cities and equity to build out an initiative that is just getting off the ground and eager to work in a creative, fast-moving, start-up environment.
See full job description here
Appalachian Voices
Virginia Campaign Coordinator
Appalachian Voices is seeking a talented and passionate professional with grassroots organizing and environmental policy experience to help lead and execute our work in Virginia from our Charlottesville office. Our Virginia program works to promote clean and renewable energy while also combating the social and ecological impacts of new investments in fossil fuels.

Appalachian Voices works diligently to build community level engagement in decisions that impact our energy future. Key priorities for this work include advancing new market opportunities for clean energy through the policy and regulatory arena as well as the private sector, fighting massive natural gas pipelines proposed to cut across the state, and blocking a rush to build new gas power plants.​

This position will report to the Campaign Director and will be based in our Charlottesville,
Responsibilities include:
  • Development and implementation of grassroots campaign plans
  • Management of VA Field Organizer, interns and volunteers
  • Planning, organizing and execution of public events including presentations, workshops, rallies
  • Producing action alerts, blogs and other online communications tools to mobilize our membership
  • Communication with decision makers, including state and federal legislators, regulators and utilities
  • Public communication and education on our issues, including media outreach, tabling and public speaking engagements
  • Assist in the coordination and facilitation of coalition calls and meetings
  • Collaboration with environmental justice groups to support communities suffering the most disproportionate impacts of our energy choices and increase awareness of environmental justice issues
  • Close coordination with, and outreach to, traditional and non-traditional partners including the renewable energy and energy efficiency business sectors
  • Working closely with the Wise Energy for Virginia Coalition, Virginia Conservation Network and other allies
For more information click here
Funding Opportunities In Central Appalachia
Partners for Places Grants for Livable Communities
Deadline: July 25, 2016
Partners for Places creates opportunities for local governments to improve communities by building partnerships between local government sustainability offices and place-based foundations. Projects foster long-term relationships that make urban areas more prosperous, livable, and vibrant. The program provides partnership investments between $25,000 and $75,000 for one year projects, or $50,000 and $150,000 for two year projects, with a 1:1 match.
More details here
Resist Emergency Grants 
Deadline: August 10, 2016
During these times Resist would like to offer concrete support to Black-led groups working to build communities of healing, resistance, and creative visioning.  While we are prioritizing Black-led groups, we also welcome applications from accomplice groups with a strong track record of following Black leadership. Resist offers $500 Emergency Grants to eligible groups who are facing unforeseen and timely political opportunities. We offer this support so that your group can respond quickly to unexpected organizing needs. Emergency grant applicants will hear back within 72 hours. Please see here for eligibility requirements. For questions, please contact jax@resist.org.
Apply here
More details here
U.S. EPA Releases Brownfield Area-Wide Planning Guidelines & Hosts Webinar
Deadline: August 10, 2016
US EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Planning (AWP) grant program funds are available to develop an area-wide plan for brownfields assessment, cleanup and reuse. US EPA anticipates awarding approximately 20 projects in total, funded at up to $200,000 each.
More details here
ARC POWER Initiative - Now Accepting Applications for FY16
Deadline: Rolling
The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), in partnership with the U.S. EDA, is providing POWER implementation and technical assistance grants for activities that address the challenges facing coal-impacted communities in the Appalachian Region. Implementation grants will range between $500,000 and $1.5 million, while technical assistance grants will include activites such as planning, coalition building and feasibility studies in addition to modest amounts of funding for grant application development and writing. CCLR Executive Director Sarah Sieloff participated in an ARC-organized seminar on May 24th in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, providing attendees with information about how EPA's brownfields program can help support the kinds of economic transition initiatives POWER seeks to encourage. 
More details here
Support Appalachian Community Fund
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Enewsletters from Central Appalachia
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