May 20, 2020
Prayers for the Entertainment Industry
Dear HPN members,

Many of us have been staying at home for two full months now, yet we at HPN are praising God that we are seeing Him turn this difficult time into good by opening up opportunities to pray for entertainment professionals of all faiths, draw Christian professionals into our community, and pray for and with so many more creative professionals than ever before. We are keeping our eyes on Him and remembering that this world is not our home. We are looking forward to a city in heaven. Hard times on earth are just preparing us for the glory that’s to come. We pray that you are able to see our world through that perspective as well and that you are joining us in lifting up others and praising God during this time! And our prayer for all of you is to KEEP CREATING!

Beauty and Art Matter

This month we want to challenge all of you to combine your faith with your creativity and see that they are BOTH from God and are celebrated BY God - especially during our trials. Christianity Today released the article Why Beauty and Art Matter During this Pandemic. In light of that, we have highlighted some websites below that embrace faith and story, poetry and fine art, in order to fill you up and encourage you this week:

  • Bridgeprojects.com - Bridge Projects’ ongoing series Echo/Locate places both ourselves and the artist in an ongoing historic, philosophical, spiritual, and art-historical conversation.
  • Imagejournal.org - a magazine that discusses the vitality and diversity of contemporary art and literature that engage with the religious traditions of western culture.
  • NABI - a group of Christian professional Fine Artists in LA. If you would like to join the group or visit the beautiful work of NABI artists, email Wendy: wendyww@mac.com
  • TheVCS.org - The Visual Commentary on Scripture (VCS) is a freely accessible online publication that provides theological commentary on the Bible in dialogue with works of art. 
  • Uencounter.org - an exhibition that explores 24 images on the life and parables of Jesus that speak to who we are as human beings. 
  • #21DaysofHappy - a free digital and social media campaign bringing together celebrities, authors, influencers and pastors to empower people with the tools to create an Abundant Life during COVID-19 and beyond.
  • Open and Unafraid - The Brehm Center’s mini-concert series benefitting Artist Relief
Daniel Dae Kim
Docu-series Asian Americans

Let’s praise God for the power of art! A docu-series Asian Americans, which premiered recently on PBS, is a great TV show to educate us on different cultures and to shed light on prejudice and encourage us to love people better. Let’s pray that this docu-series would impact our nation and help to bring reconciliation, help us to see all people as God created us, in His image, and that we would celebrate all cultures in America, especially our Asian American brothers and sisters who may be facing racial profiling due to coronavirus in this time.
Opportunities for Actors

Praise God that Warner Brothers has started a casting initiative for acting students who may have lost career opportunities due to coronavirus. Let’s continue to pray that God would raise up a strong generation of Christian actors and other entertainment industry professionals to work in this industry when Hollywood goes back into production.
two female execs
Content Creators and Decision-makers

If you're wondering if we will see any new movies this summer, don’t lose hope! Let's just pray for the decision-makers at the studios, networks, streaming platforms, production and distribution companies, as they figure out ways to get us some new films, even if we have to stay at home to watch them. Some fun news is that Disney+ will air the original Broadway production of Hamilton on July 3rd for all of us to see! As you pray for wisdom for which films will be made available this summer, check out the...

We want to pray for a difficult issue during our pandemic. The porn industry is thriving, and we need to pray for God’s intervention. Let’s pray for Pornhub and its V.P. Corey Price, as the company partners with Germany’s Oldenberg Film Festival. As Pornub continues to grow its business in mainstream media, let’s pray that God would capture the hearts of the company execs and miraculously turn what was meant for evil to His good.
group of people praying
And as you pray, please lift up XXXChurch, a ministry that directly reaches out to individuals in the porn industry. Its current leader, Craig Gross, and his team, are boldly sharing the hope of the Gospel with people on all levels of the porn industry. HPN asks that you join us in praying for the Lord to use them to minister to the growing number of people who create porn, sell it, and view it. With God, all things are possible!
woman on her laptop
Christians in Hollywood

Would you pray with us that the Christians in the entertainment industry will not be isolated or feel alone. We want them to find one another and feel connected to the amazing community of over 10,000 believers here. If you’re a Christian industry professional based in LA, you can apply to be added to our Hollywood Connections Directory so that you can build friendships, pray together and hire one another. HPN offers this work Directory to anyone who has worked in Hollywood for at least 5 years:
Please email us your most encouraging and uplifting viewing habits during this quarantine. Let us know what films, TV shows and streaming shows give you HOPE!  And join HPN members all over the globe as we laugh, cry and celebrate humanity every week with uplifting programming such as SGN on YouTube.

Thanks so much for joining as we continue to pray for the people, the projects and the issues in Hollywood. We are so grateful that we all embrace the professionals who affect not only the people who finance, create and distribute our world’s culture, but also the entertainment viewers and "media junkies" all across the globe. Praying for Hollywood and its influence makes an eternal difference, especially during COVID-19!

If you are someone who has lost work or connection to other people and you need prayer, please email us, call us or reach out to us on social media and we will pray for you!

With love and thanks,
Karen, Kaelyn, Virginia, and Kim
Every Friday, HPN hosts a Prayer Call on Zoom from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time. It's a wonderful hour to just praise God and pray for the people and the issues in our industry. We have prayer warriors and creatives joining us from all over the world and we want to encourage you to be a part of this joyful gathering. Just click here to get the Zoom link: 
Open and Unafraid Concert: Sandra McCracken
Wednesdays starting tonight! | 8 p.m. Central | Online
Join the Brehm Center for a series of half-hour livestreamed Facebook events focusing on themes from a new book on the Psalms, Open and Unafraid. This week features music from artist Sandra McCracken.

Center for Faith and Work LA | Framework Fellows Program​​​​​​​
The CFWLA Framework Fellows Program addresses the intersection of faith and vocation. Framework is a rigorous nine-month course designed to equip the Church in applying the gospel's transforming influence to the cities and sectors we inhabit for God's glory and the common good of the greater Los Angeles area. You can learn more about this program at the info session on May 28, or you can email kaelyn@hpnemail.org who has participated in this program in the past.

Act One Programs
The Act One program registration is now open for summer training for Christians who are pursuing careers in film, producing and TV writing. And now that it's virtual, anyone from around the globe can attend! Act One is the only Christian post-graduate training program for industry professionals wanting to work in the secular entertainment industry.

Workshop: How to Financially Survive & Thrive
Saturday, May 30th | 11 a.m. Pacific | Zoom
Join HPN and AbundantLifeU for a financial workshop featuring financial and investment coach (and HPN member) Kelvin Dickerson. The workshop will address how to navigate personal finances during uncertain economic times.

Local Events
Don't miss our other (virtual) local events on our Hollywood Community Calendar. VIEW LOCAL EVENTS>>
 “If you want to reach young people in this country, write a song, don't buy an ad.”
Serge Denisoff
“Show me the path where I should walk, Oh Lord; Point out the right road for me to follow.  Lead me by Your truth and teach me. For You are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in You.” 
Psalm 25:4-5
Check out our Coronavirus Resource Page, which includes a link to a virtual tour of Jerusalem, which is a fun way to spend some of your time during our quarantine. If you’ve never been there, this is the next best thing to being there:
This week let’s tackle something that God gave us as a gift: BEAUTY. Beauty is a subject that opens the door for us to share our faith more deeply, to discuss the significance of God’s creation, and for self-reflection. So, let’s grasp the concept of beauty permeating our hearts, from the inside out, and also train ourselves to see beauty in the people and the world around us.
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