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Beloved Bravehearts!

We meet tomorrow evening, Wednesday, July 20, from 6-9pm at Orchard Ridge UCC (where tour rehearsals are being held this week).

Between now and then you will be receiving an email from me with health-related information regarding specific members of your family group. The email will include pdf scans of any Health Information Supplement and Prescription Medication Release forms that were submitted and that contained pertinent information. You will not receive forms for every member of your group--only those who had something to share. Please read through them when they are received and feel free to contact me with any questions. (If you need hard copies, please let me know and I'll bring them tomorrow night!)

Some of you will be responsible for dispensing prescription medication per the parent's and/or child's request. If you have any concerns or specific questions regarding this responsibility (or regarding any of the supplemental health information shared), please find time this week to follow up with me or with the parent(s).

As a reminder, each traveler is required to carry their own medication through security and customs. If you are responsible for dispensing, please make sure you know the travel day dispensing schedule so everyone is on the same page. I recommend simply having a quick conversation with parents and singer on travel day before we depart. 

We will talk about this at our meeting as well!

Thanks for being part of this tour--we are grateful to all of you for the myriad ways you are already contributing to the positive, supportive tour ethos.

Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow evening! :)