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Our First Scotland Tour Rehearsal is This Sunday!
Did your heart just skip a beat?

It's true! Our first tour rehearsal is this Sunday, May 15, from 6:00-8:30PM at Westgate and we can hardly wait to begin! (You have all the rehearsals marked on your calendar, right? If not, please take a moment NOW to record them as they are all required and all important.)

Where can you see all the required rehearsals?
Use the handy links in the header section above and/or bookmark our tour webpage: madisonyouthchoirs.org/aberdeen

We are 78 days from departure--every email we send between now and departure will contain information important to the success of the tour. We promise not to inundate you but to be clear and timely. Thank you for reading each email thoroughly and doing your part to pay attention to deadlines and instructions.

Keep reading for all the details you need to know!
Passport Check In This Sunday
All singers: please bring your current passport to rehearsal this Sunday so we can make a photocopy for our records. This should be the passport you are using for the Scotland trip--please do not bring an expired passport!

You will get it back at the end of rehearsal.

Tour Chaperones: If you are dropping off your singer at rehearsal this weekend, please bring your passport as well.
Special Instructions for Capriccio
Current Capriccio singers: please plan to arrive at Sunday's rehearsal between 5:15 and 5:30 so we can take your measurements for your concert wardrobe.
Special Instructions for Cantilena & Cantabile
All Cantilena and Cantabile singers need to return their black concert dress by Sunday, May 22 along with the completed wardrobe return sheet linked below.

Cantilena: Feel free to bring your laundered dress to rehearsal this weekend along with the wardrobe intake sheet.

Cantabile: You will be wearing your concert dress for the May 22 Monroe concert. We will ask you to return your dress following the Monroe concert. You will want to plan ahead so you have a change of clothes with you.

Please do NOT return your red MYC polo unless it no longer fits.
Starting On Time
Every minute of rehearsal is valuable and will be used to the fullest degree. Our Scotland rehearsals will begin promptly which means being on time is planning your arrival 5-10 minutes before rehearsal begins. Thank you!
Please ask! (But first, read through the email again and perhaps check the tour website to see if the question has already been answered.) Thanks!

Don't forget to join the Scotland 2016 Facebook page. This will be our primary way of sharing information and pictures with families when we are in Scotland.

See you on Sunday!