July 15, 2020
Prayers for the Entertainment Industry
Dear HPN members,
It’s already mid-July and the summer is flying by! We hope that you are staying cool and spending time with the Lord and your family and friends. We have lots to pray for on this Call Sheet so let’s jump right in so that we can invite God into Hollywood to do His miraculous work!
Amazing Grace Music Video

Music is the language of the soul, and it can bring people together like nothing else in our world.  We want to begin this Call Sheet by praising God through song as people from 50 countries all sing Amazing Grace together on this YouTube video. Let's celebrate God and His gift of unity and reconciliation through this powerful music video.
amazing grace
denzel washington
Denzel Washington

HPN is so grateful for Denzel Washington and his bold love for Jesus. He and his wife Pauletta are salt and light in Hollywood, and we want to keep praying for them to have wisdom, strength of character and love in all of their choices, relationships, and roles. Listen to Denzel talk about his faith:
Biola School of Cinema and Media Arts

We want to welcome the new dean of the School of Cinema and Media Arts at Biola University: Tom Halleen. Biola’s goal is to be one of the top film schools in the country and to train entertainment industry leaders from a Christian perspective, and Tom was prayerfully chosen to oversee that vision. We praise God for Biola’s commitment to impact culture through their cinema and media arts department. As we at HPN partner with Biola and its creative students, we also now pray for Tom. Join us in continuing to pray for Tom this generation of students preparing to pursue careers in arts, media and entertainment.
tom halleen
Eric Metaxas and Matt Lockett and Will Ford
A Story of Racial Reconciliation

As we continue to pray for racial reconciliation, we hope you listen to this incredible true story of miraculous redemption between two unlikely men. This is a story of hope, of humility, forgiveness and God’s hand on our lives. Hollywood is founded on and thrives on powerful storytelling, so this story is worth listening to as Eric Metaxas interviews two unlikely heroes:
Benjamin Keough

The suicide rates in our industry are at an all-time high. This past Sunday, Lisa Marie Presley's son and Elvis Presley's grandson, Benjamin Keough died, due to “a self-inflicted gunshot wound.” Please pray for the entire Presley/Keough family and friends who are grieving the unexpected loss of their 27-year-old loved one, and other entertainment professionals who are dealing with depression. 
lisa marie presley and bejamin keough
naya rivera
Naya Rivera

Join us in praying for Glee actress Naya Rivera, who died last week of apparent drowning while swimming with her four-year-old son, Josey, in Lake Piru, CA. Please pray for Josey, his father Ryan Dorsey, and their family, friends and Glee cast members, as they mourn the loss of their 33-year-old mother/family member/friend/actress due to this tragic accident.
Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston died this week from breast cancer, so we ask that you pray with us for her husband John Travolta and their children Ella and Benjamin. Kelly fought cancer for two years and passed away on Monday at the age of 57. John is a committed Scientologist, so we want him, Ella and Benjamin to experience a supernatural encounter with God and receive His comfort, strength, peace and Divine love as they grieve their loss.
kelly preston
tina turner
Tina Turner

Please pray for world-renown singer Tina Turner, known as the "Queen of Rock and Roll," who is losing her battle with stomach cancer. Raised a Baptist, Tina became a committed follower of Nichiren Buddhism in 1973. So we ask you to pray to invite God into Tina’s body, heart and mind in order to do a miracle in her and to reveal His transformational love to give her a hope that will not disappoint her.  
Jesus Revolution

Pray for actors Joel Courtney (known for the Steven Spielberg blockbuster Super 8) and Jim Gaffigan (known for his standup comedy and Chuck), the stars in an upcoming film about the “Jesus People” movement of the 1960s and ‘70s called Jesus Revolution. May their influence as popular actors and comedians create a growing interest in Jesus and His impact on our culture.
jim gaffigan and joel courtney
faithe herman
Faithe Herman, featured in the Kids & Teens Prayer Calendar
Kids & Teens Prayer Calendar

Pray that our children will grow up embracing racial unity through the TV shows and films that they watch and the music they listen to. As you pray, read through (and feel free to share!) HPN’s July 2020 Kids & Teens Prayer Calendar that is celebrating, this month, some of the best of America’s black family entertainers. “Let the children come to Me. Don't prevent them. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.” Matthew 9:14.
TV and Film Production

Pray for a growth of employment as production slowly begins to open back up in LA County.  With production down by 97.8% from last year’s second quarter, there are thousands of people out of work, not knowing when or if they will return. We want our Creator God to come into the hearts of the decision-makers and employees and do miracles, fill people with hope, wisdom, peace, creativity and work, as we start the third quarter of 2020.
film crew
40 50 project 40 states 50 days
40|50 Project

HPN has partnered with Hope in the Hills Church, led by HPN Board member, Dr. Naima Lett, in committing 40 days to fast and pray for racial reconciliation in our 50 states. The movement is called 40|50, and we believe that it will be a powerful time to see more reconciliation and unity in Hollywood through our prayers. We challenge you, HPN members, to FAST & PRAY with us for 40 days, asking God to bring healing to our nation, our entertainment industry and our world. To find out how:
Thank you so much for praying for us and with us on this Call Sheet. God is touching people’s hearts and lives in our industry because of you, so we encourage you to keep praying. And feel free to forward this Call Sheet on to any other praying friends so that we can get people praying around the whole world!

With love,
Karen, Kaelyn, Virginia and Kim
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vending machine with drumsticks in it
But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him [not COVID-19], on those whose hope is in His unfailing love.” 
Psalm 33:18
“Let me make a nation's music, and I care not who makes her laws. I will control that nation.
Carlyle (Scottish Poet)
your mission field

Have you ever thought of yourself as a missionary? Have you ever defined the place where you live or work as your mission field? This week we’re going to focus on God’s plan for all of us to be missionaries in our own mission field. We don’t have to go overseas. We can spread the gospel to the people around us, just by loving them!
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