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by Justin Marple
This article is based on the Sunday School class that I led on 10/9/2016 at First Presbyterian Church in Ocean City, New Jersey. It was a pleasure to be able to lead so many people concerned about life to reflect on the theme of cities of refuge and innocent blood from books like Numbers and Deuteronomy to the gospel of Jesus Christ and thinking about application for today.

L to R back: Jack Sharpe, Lowell Avery, Paul Beyer, Craig Kephart, Mateen Elass. Middle: Deborah Hollifield, Amy Scherschligt, Martha Leatherman, Patty June, Scott Wiest. Front: Justin Marple, John Sheldon, Marie Bowen, Ryan Mowen, Andy Nagel.
Training leaders and equipping churches to develop pro-life ministry emerged as the priority focus for PPL in 2017 as The PPL Board of Directors met last week at the First Presbyterian Church of Ocean City, New Jersey.

Over the coming months expect to see new resources on our website, in articles in Presbyterians Pro-Life ENEWS, and on our social media pages that address the questions posed around the table as we met: Why does your church need a life issues committee? How do I start a life team in my church? How do I talk about miscarriage in my church? How do we tell the gospel to an abortion minded woman? The Board will be examining these and other questions together and we anticipate we’ll have some great information for you as we learn more about pro-life leadership and ministry ourselves. I hope you will stay connected with us as we move into an exciting year. We’ll need your prayers and your strong financial support as we run with the vision God has given us for moving forward as a distinctive Presbyterian and Reformed voice for life.
Thank you! We let you know last month of our budget deficit and you responded to our need reducing our deficit by $3300. We are grateful for God's faithfulness through you. We still have a little way to go, so keep that support coming as we run with the vision that God has given to PPL for equipping His church for pro-life ministry.

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PLAN NOW TO DIE WELL, blog post by John Piper
One of PPL’s Board members shared this article with me with the following introduction:
A few days ago my friend B__ described the July 4th death of her elderly father. She had been his caretaker since at least last November.  B__ bemoaned the fact that her siblings and mother were watching TV in the same room as her father in his last hours.  She told them to turn off the TV as that is no way to have a homecoming. They did and Becky and one of her best friends sang hymns to her dad and read from the Bible.  When they recited Psalm 23 her Dad looked so peaceful!

This article first appeared in the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL, vol. 38, #01(2015).
Perhaps the most difficult and emotionally charged question ever asked the pastor or apologist is why God let a particular child suffer or die. The question is rarely abstract. I’ve never been asked why God lets children die.

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TO TELL OR NOT TO TELL: Telling Your Children About a Past Abortion (Part I), from The Elliott Institute

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