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February 2016 Newsletter  |  Number 130
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Home Recording: Studio - 2/10
INTRO: Starting Out - 2/13
Stepping Out - 2/20
Creating Characters - 2/20
VO Bootcamp - 2/21
Making It M.I.N.E. - 2/24-3/16
Bringing Voices to Life - 2/26-28

Daytime Conservatory - 3/1-5/3
Advanced Narration - 3/5-6
Home Recording: Audacity - 3/10
INTRO: Starting Out - 3/12
Auditioning for Film - 3/13
Diction & Clarity - 3/14
Small Group Workout - 3/17
That's NOT All Folks - 3/19-20
Making Strong Choices - 3/21-4/25
Basic British - 3/23-30
Stepping Out - 3/26
Creating Characters - 3/26

Behind The Scenes - 3/29
Professional Invitational - 3/31

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Landing A Talent Agent
When seeking talent agency representation, you should not take a blanket approach. “To whom it may concern” headings will get you nowhere. Every agency has a procedure for submitting that should be adhered to and respected. Most accept emailed demos and notes, others require hardcopies [formal cover letter and demo on CD or USB flashdrive]. Do your research before submitting. Having someone “walk in” your demo is best if you know someone who has a good rapport with that agent and can put in a good word for you. In whatever manner you submit your materials, your note should be brief and informative. The agent should get a clear idea of who you 
are and whether you’re a good personality and performance fit.
Lots of people submit demos to agents every week. Listening to the demos, while necessary in finding potentially the next big money maker for the agency, is not on the top of their priority list. It could take weeks, even months, to receive a response. If they want to represent you, you’ll get a call or email to come in for an interview. If they’re not interested in you, you’ll either get a note that says they’re not interested at this time or you will hear nothing at all.
What you say in your submission information may prompt a quicker response. Here is a list of some information to include, in addition to your basic contact information:
• Personality information: what makes you special
• Acting ability/background
• If you have ISDN
• Areas where you excel; your versatility
Be creative in how you word this information so it shows your personality and business sense. Don’t be too cute or too dull and dry. Find a way to say the most in the least amount of words.
Another way to land an agent is to show them what you can do. We have an agent from SF’s largest Talent Agency in VO Boot Camp on Feb. 21. If you’re actively seeking representation, you really should NOT miss this class.
Look Who's Talking

Many current and former students booked jobs through our online casting database in the past couple of months. Most of these jobs were recorded in our studio.
* Derek Lenzi and Ken Solin recorded demos. 
* Shannon Riley, Nickolas Rice, and Jayse O'Brien all worked on SNAPcharger's Indiegogo campaign video.  
* Jayse O'Brien and April Karys narrated a Corporate video for a large multinational Accounting & Consultancy firm. 
* Jane Stone and Deborah May recorded Interactive Voice Response (automated telephony systems) for Berkeley Research Group. 
* Dani Hall recorded 
* Kayte Jackson recorded a job for San Francisco based Tech Giant.
* Dani Hall recorded an explainer for Cohesity
* Sharon Huff did an on-camera promo for the Sonoma Mission Inn. She also recorded a radio spot for Northwood Realty Services, a sales promo for a Black Knight Financial product called Loansphere, and a radio spot for a product called Endless Female.

Wonderful to hear from so many students. Congrats to all who've recently landed agents, recorded demos and landed recording and on-camera gigs. Send us your good news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.
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