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June 5, 2013

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April, May and June Fishin' in St. Simons

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The Crystal Shrimp recipe
Tailing Tides
Southeastern Fly Fishing Festival
Stop me and say hello
Fishing Report
The Crystal Shrimp

This fly is made from crystal flash, grizzly hackle and Loon Outdoors clear cure acrylic.  I linked to this in the last issue, but here is the recipe from my website. 

Size 1 Mustad 34007 or equivalent

Pink or Pearl Krystal Flash

One Grizzly hackle feather

Gray or Mono thread

Instant Cure UV Acrylic


  1. Lay a thread base on hook.  Wrap back slightly onto the hook bend.                              Take four to five strands of Krystal Flask.  Fold it in half and cut.  Fold in half and cut again.  Tie KF along top of hook shank, extending beyond the hook bend to simulate antenna.
  2. Make mono eyes from 40-50 lb mono by burning ends.  Tie mono eyes on top of hook shank, directly above the barb, using figure 8 wraps.  Bend the eyes up and back.  Secure in this position with a dab of acrylic and cure it.
  3. Tie in the hackle feather.  Spiral thread to just  behind the hook eye.  Palmer the hackle feather forward.  Tie off.  Cut the barbs of the feather off on the top side of the hook.
  4. Take about ten strands of KF, fold in half and cut.  Place KF so approximately 1" extends beyond hook eye.  Tie in place where you tied off the hackle feather.  Whip finish. Secure with a dab of thin UV acrylic.
  5. Color the end of the KF with a permanent marker where it extends over the hook eye to simulate the shrimp tail. Cut off excess KF.
  6. Run a bead of thick Acrylic along top of hook stopping at the eyes.  Spread a small amount of acrylic along the bottom, sides and top of the KF which you just tied on.  On the bottom of the KF only spread the acrylic as far as the eyes.  On the top of the KF, spread the acrylic approximately ½" farther than the eyes.  This will form the horn.  Hold acrylic soaked KF along the top of the hook shank, and cure with UV light.
  7.  Cut off material that extends beyond the eyes at an angle to simulate the horn.
  8. Take the fly out of the vise and spread a thin layer of thick acrylic along the sides and top of the body of the fly to build up a natural looking shrimp body.  Move the fly around to distribute the acrylic evenly along the body of the fly.  When it is distributed evenly, cure with UV light.
  9. Repeat step 8 again if necessary.
  10. Trim antenna if necessary.
  11. Color eyes with black marker.
  12. Go fishing  
I will publish the recipe for the Ultra Shrimp next month.  
This ultra shrimp is tied on a size 2 Gama B10S stinger hook and it is a little over 3" long.  It is light and not very air resistant.  This little fly has landed all the triple tail so far this year.  If you get it where the TT can see it, they will usually grab it.

Triple tail are notorious for short striking and nipping off the tail of live shrimp.  I added a stinger hook to the tail of my pattern.  It works great.

I still have not tried it on trout, but they are sight feeders, and I know they will eat it.

Stay tuned for how to tie it next month.


Capt. David Edens
"Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn"  
Tailing Tide Dates
Several of my clients have expressed interest in the dates of the tailing tides this summer.  Here they are again.

Call soon to reserve you dates.
June: 20-23 (Completely booked)
July:  19-23
August;  16-24 (18th - 24th are morning tides, best)
September: 9/4,  14-22 (18-22 morning tides) (9/20 already booked) These should be the best days of the year.
October: 4-10 16, 18-22.  Oct 5,6 and 7 are booked.  The first of the month should be better.  Water tends to get a little too cool the end of October.
 Capt. David Edens
706-540-1276 cell best
912-289-1061 home
     I attended the Southeastern FFF Fly Fishing Festival in Cullowhee, NC last month.  While it was a long drive it was well worth it.  I taught a class on Accuracy.  I had a chance to share ideas on teaching fly casting with some of the best Master Casting Instructors in the Southeast.  I was taught some basic spey casts by Ally Gowans, the leading Spey Casting instructor in the nation.  I tied flies.  I visited with fly shops and suppliers.  
     I took a class on distance casting and worked out some of the problems I have with my cast.  Now to practice to develop muscle memory so I don't fall back into bad habits when I am on the casting platform and a 10 lb red fish or 100 lb Tarpon is coming down the flats.  Any of you who have fished with me have heard me talk about the importance of practice to develop automatic muscle memory.  Now to see if I can practice what I preach.
     All in all it was three days of complete immersion in Fly Fishing in the Mountains of Western North Carolina.  Who could ask for more?
     The Southeast Council will hold the Festival again on them campus of Western Carolina University next year.  You should make plans to attend.
This is the back window of my Silver Toyota Tacoma truck.  It is pretty much unmistakable.

If you see me riding around St. Simons or anywhere else, stop me, say hello and let's talk about Fly Fishing.
Gay's Big Trout                      Gay's Big Trout
Capt. David Edens is an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing guide as well as a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor and a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers Professional Guides Association.  This assures you of a quality trip and instruction.

Contact me through my website: Fly Cast Charters or call:
Capt. David Edens
706-540-1276 cell (best)
912-289-1061 home
Late April and May Fishing Report and June Outlook
April and May have been hot and cold.  The red fish are now in their summertime patterns and holding in their summer time flats.  One thing hasn't changed is the wind.  We are still dealing with prevailing easterly winds at 10-20 mph.
     Yesterday a fellow guide out of Jacksonville and myself went in front of Jekyll to look for triple tail. The wind came up 25 from the Southeast, and the seas were 2-4 feet and completely chopped up; not the easiest conditions and not conditions I would take a client into. We found about a dozen small triple tail and managed to fool two of them with a fly rod.  These fish should be around a few more weeks.  The key is whether or not the shrimpers trawl near the shore of Jekyll when the near shore shrimp season opens on June 11.  If the shrimp aren't there, they won't trawl, and the triple tail will stay happy.

We caught some larger triple tail earlier in the month.

At times in April and May the red fish had major cases of lock jaw.  We saw hundreds of them in low tide schools, but they would not bite anything.  We did manage to coax a few into biting.  Here is the second largest red fish ever caught by one of my clients; 11 lbs, 31 inches.

I had a cancellation and managed to fish one of the flood tides on the full moon in May.  I went to a flooded grass flat fairly close to the Marina.  I had shots at five tailing fish and managed to land one. One for five on tailers (20%) is a pretty good percentage.  I fished a flat I dubbed "Hawg Heaven" last year, and this year it is living up to its reputation. The one I landed was 27" and about 8 pounds.

These fish will be tailing all summer when we have the right tides.  I am booked for June for tailing fish, but I have some open dates in July-October.  

I have been told the big schools of Jacks are off of Jacksonville.  That is awfully early, but they may be up here sooner than August/September.

Trout fishing has been good on the half moon with clear water, and the flounder fishing is picking up.   The weather is getting hotter and so is the fishing  so if you are coming to St. Simons, Jekyll or Sea Island, 
Give me a call, and come, "Hunt Fish in the Marshes of Glynn."
Until next time, 
Tight Lines, strip strike and practice the Double Haul
Capt. David Edens
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706-540-1276  Cell
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As most of you know by now, Capt. Larry of St. Simons Outfitters is a dear friend, who suffered a stroke earlier last year. 

Good news, Capt Larry is out and about again.  While he is in a wheel chair and requires care, he is coming into the shop fairly regularly.  
When you are in St. Simons, make sure to stop by the shop to see if he is there.
St. Simons Ouftitters has a basic selection tying supplies, hooks, a good selection of fly lines, reels and fly rod/reel combos ranging from those for the most budget minded to the finest available.   They have the latest Columbia line of high tech shirts and pants that act like air conditioning.  That will come in handy in a few months when the dog days of summer arrive.

For the latest fishing reports, please go to my web site:  Not only are there up to date fishing reports, I am constantly adding new photos, information and videos. Fish the Golden Isles, and call me to enjoy, "Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn".


Capt. David Edens

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