Greetings Potential Scotland 2018 Tour Participants!

Our commitment deadline for the Scotland 2018 tour is approaching quickly on Friday, September 1. If you are planning to participate in the tour please return your signed commitment form along with your $200 deposit before Friday, September 1. In addition, if you are applying for tour assistance, that application is also due by September 1. This is a firm deadline.

We will be VERY LIMITED in our ability to add passengers after September 1 and individuals wishing to join the tour after this date will most likely incur additional fees.

If there are extenuating circumstances and your family is absolutely unable to pay the required $200 deposit by September 1, please contact the MYC office to make other arrangements.

Questions? Please ask!

P.S. If you have not received an email with "Scotland 2018 Confirmation" in the subject line, we do not have your commitment form nor deposit.

The following information was originally sent on July 10, 2017 and is provided again for your reference. (All Scotland 2018 emails are also archived and available via the "Archives" link in the header section above.
From July 10 email:

Tour Cost and Travel Dates
We have finalized the cost of the 2018 Scotland Tour as well as our travel dates. You may recall from our meeting in June that we presented a range of $3,100-3,450. We are happy to report that the total price of the tour will be $3,200 per participant. This includes everything: air and land travel, meals, lodging, festival fees, rehearsals, music, tour wardrobe, sight-seeing admission fees, etc. The only thing it does not include is pocket money for a souvenir!

Our travel dates have also been finalized: We will depart on Thursday, July 26, and return on Sunday, August 5, 2018.

What happens next?
Once your deposit and commitment form have been received by MYC you will be added to the tour roster and receive a confirmation email from us. Yay!
We anticipate the schedule of additional payments will be very close to what we announced at the June meeting:

$3,000 (after $200 deposit) broken into four payments of $750 due monthly beginning March 1, 2018 with the final payment due by June 1, 2018. (Please note: Final cost and payment dates may change slightly due to final air contract.)

In the coming months there will be many things communicated to you and we will do our very best to be clear and concise.  We are counting on you to be careful readers and to pay special attention to all deadlines we publish as these will largely be dictated by our travel vendors and we are subject to their terms.  HINT: when you see "Scotland 2018" in your inbox, please open and read!

If you were not able to attend the June meeting please visit the tour website and read through the FAQ section.

Once the tour roster has been set (after September 1) only those committed to the tour will receive tour-related emails. Thank you for your patience with our emails if you have decided not to travel with us. They will eventually end!

Questions? Please ask!
Thank you! 

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