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A special communication from Executive Director, Marie Bowen
I answered the phone in the office of Presbyterians Pro-Life a couple of years ago and a pastor asked me, "Is there any good news?" I don't remember the details of our conversation, but the question stuck. Rather suddenly, during a post Easter cantata last Sunday morning, the answer came: For those of us in Christ, there is always good news. Jesus is alive! Ultimately that is everything that matters. The follow up question for each of us is, "How am I communicating to the world that Jesus is Life and that he is the Lord of life?"

by Amy Scherschligt

"To train pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly, and argue persuasively."

That's the mission of the Equal Rights Institute, a new pro-life organization founded by brothers Josh and Tim Brahm. I attended their recent all day training in Sacramento and followed it up with two days at University of California, Davis where we dialogued with students. The training taught me to use three essential skills: ask questions, listen to understand, and find common ground when possible.


a blog post by Marie Bowen   

Analysis of business coming to the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly

The Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy brings a resolution (Item 11-14) for commissioner approval to the Presbyterian Church (USA) 222nd General Assembly meeting in Portland, Oregon June 18-25, 2016. The resolution includes a pastoral guidebook, a statement of affirmation, and recommendations for conversation and advocacy. It's long—49 pages—but the subject is critically important for human lives and so it what the church says about life at its end matters, just as what the church says about life in the womb is of critical importance. So, I am taking a literal and figurative big breath and plunging into a blog series to analyze this piece of business coming to the PCUSA with both potential and pitfall.
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Resource on end of life from Human Life Alliance
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