Happy Tuesday, Tour Families!
We are happy to report that tour wardrobe will be ready to be picked up from the MYC office starting Wednesday (tomorrow!) morning.

Please note the following special office hours for this week:
Wednesday, July 11: 7:30AM to 5:00PM
Thursday, July 12: 7:30AM to 5:00PM
Friday, July 13: 9:30AM to 3:00PM (MYC staff will not be available on Friday, but Ballet staff will be in the office so the door will be open.)
Monday, July 16: 7:30AM to 5:00PM
Tuesday, July 17: 9:00AM to 5:00PM -- this is our first rehearsal day. All wardrobe should be picked up by the end of this day.

Garment racks will be inside our office and bags will be hanging in alphabetical order. Feel free to walk in and take your bag(s)!

Please review the instructions below for what to do when you take your wardrobe home. Original Consent to Travel forms will be inside your garment bag.

Performance Tickets
Tickets for several of our performances in Aberdeenshire will be going on sale shortly. The website to check is The Aberdeen Performing Arts Box Office. In the search box enter AIFYA or a specific date to find our entries. Nothing for MYC is currently listed but we expect performances to be added in the coming days. We will also be updating our website with this information so please keep checking www.madisonyouthchoirs.org/aberdeen for the most up to date information.

Tour Group Directory

15 Days to Departure!
Passports and Consent to Travel Forms
  1. Please double-check your Gateway registration to make certain that the passport you are carrying on travel day corresponds exactly to the passport number you entered on your Gateway registration. (If you renewed a passport, you received a new number.) Gateway will use this information to register our group with the State Department prior to departure. Please double-check this TODAY.
  2. Please double-check that your passport is signed. (We noticed several unsigned passports when scanning.)
  3. Consent to Travel forms will be returned to singers when they pick up their wardrobe (or at our first rehearsal--whichever comes first.) Please keep this form with your passport so it's ready on travel day. 

Tour Wardrobe
  1. We will send a quick email when tour wardrobe--for all participants including staff and chaperones--is ready to be picked up from Westgate. We anticipate it will be this week.
  2. All wardrobe items should be neatly labeled with the tour participant's name. A fine point Sharpie works well for this. This will help if any items end up in the laundry during the tour. This includes the white Oxford shirts for singers--please label all items at the neck or waist or on a tag. Blazers do NOT need to be labeled.
  3. Wardrobe items inside your tour garment bag:
  • five tour T-shirts; two polos; one track jacket in addition to any additional pieces your family ordered
  • concert wardrobe for singers only: one pair of khakis, one blue blazer, two white Oxford shirts, one boychoir tie. Singers: please make sure your concert wardrobe fits and that you have all the pieces listed between what is inside your garment bag and what you already own or told us you would be providing 
  • A tour sling sack and a red Gateway luggage tag are also included. Please use this luggage tag for your checked item on travel day.

Our Big Week of Rehearsals Begins One Week from Tomorrow on Tuesday, July 17!
Whew! We can hardly wait!

General Helpful Reminders for Rehearsal Week
  • Take a moment to review each rehearsal location so you are on time each day. Being on time means being in your seat ready to rehearse at time noted.
  • Start and end times vary--thank you for paying attention! 
  • Singers may wear comfortable, appropriate, clothing-of-their-choice each day unless otherwise noted (see Friday's note)
  • Scotland music should be organized in a nice (not falling apart), black 1" binder
  • Please bring music, a pencil, water bottle, a snack and a sack lunch each day unless otherwise noted (again, see Friday's note)

Tuesday, July 17 | 9AM - 3PM | Orchard Ridge UCC | 1501 Gilbert Road

Wednesday, July 18 | 9AM - 4PM | Orchard Ridge UCC

Thursday, July 19 | 9AM - 4PM | Orchard Ridge UCC

Friday, July 20 | 9AM - 3PM | Orchard Ridge UCC
  • Appearance on "The Midday With Norman Gilliland"
  • transportation to the WPR studio is provided
  • Please wear nice bottoms--jeans or khakis with 2018 tour T-shirt (any color)
  • Lunch and a snack will be provided today.

Saturday, July 21 | NO REHEARSAL

Sunday, July 22 | 6PM - 8:30PM | Westgate Studios

Monday, July 23 | 10AM - 4PM | Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 

Tuesday, July 24 | Send Off Concert | Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
  • Call time for singers is 6PM
  • Hall will open for patrons at 6:30PM
  • Concert begins at 7PM
  • Free and open to the public

Wednesday, July 25 | 6PM - 7PM | Final Parent/Singer Meeting | Covenant Presbyterian
  • Parents and singers: this is a required meeting; at least one parent/guardian should attend

Thursday, July 26 | Departure! | Covenant Presbyterian
  • 8:30AM arrive and check in with chaperone (show passport, consent form)
  • 8:45AM group picture and final goodbyes
  • 8:55AM load buses
  • 9:00AM Depart!
Opportunities to Help
Would you like to get a peek inside the Scotland Tour rehearsal process? Do you have free time during the day next week? Thank you for considering the opportunities linked below! We appreciate your help!
Helpful Links (In addition to what's included on the header of this email)