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January 2016
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Pudddle Jumpers Spring Session Early Bird Discount Deadline - February 2

1/30 Winter Wildlife Tracking

2/10 Puddle Jumpers Open House
2/20 Plant ID Series Begins

3/15 Intro Bird ID Class Begins ​

Tracking animals is fun
to do in the snow!

Did you ever wonder what animals do in the winter? Although we may not see them, a lot of animals are still active in your own back yard! They leave signs of their presence in many ways. The most common way to identify an animal and observe its activity is to look for prints. The shape of a print can tell you what family the animal belongs to. Is it in the feline, canine, or another family? The size narrows your choices down even further. For example, a house cat and bobcat may have similar shaped prints. The size will help you determine the species. Examining the pattern or gait of the tracks will not only continue the identification process but also show the animals behavior. Follow the tracks and you may find other signs such as gnaws, chews, rubbings, fur, feeding areas, scat, and even their homes. There are many tracking field guides, and apps out there so start your adventure today!!


Dear --FNAME--,

Happy New Year! It is going to be another great year here at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center and we sure hope you join us for some exciting new (and of course, old favorites) activities and events in the coming months. We start off with some fun winter activities for all ages - check them out below!
Your Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Staff

Want to learn more about Puddle Jumpers? 

Visit our Open House on Wednesday, Feb. 10 from 6:30-7:30 pm at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center.

Stop by and meet our incredible Program Leaders, view our facility and try out some of our exciting activities!
Winter Wildlife Tracking
Saturday, January 30
2-4 pm

Are you running out ideas of for fun winter activities? Tracking is a great way to stay active while observing signs of animal behavior. Join us and learn how to identify animals by the shape, size, and gait of their tracks. Tracking can be an intricate puzzle that is fun to solve and provides an opportunity to learn about wildlife. Get outside and discover this ancient skill!
Facility Rentals at
Millbrook Marsh Nature Center!
Are you planning a special event or retreat? Why not hold your event in one of the beautiful facilities at Millbrook Marsh Nature Center? 

Rental information and fees HERE! 
To reserve the facility, contact Melissa Freed,
Nature Center Supervisor at 814-235-7819
We want to send a special thank you to Boy Scout Pack 44 from Pine Grove Mills for their efforts to help keep the Marsh habitat clean! Thank you for all of your hard work!
548 Puddintown Road 
State College PA 16801 ​
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