"Here Comes the Ally",acrylic, inks and collage on w/c paper, 10 X 10"

Imagine With Art Newsletter

Issue No. 59                                                                           May, 2016

I’m warming up for another round of kooky self portraits, always a hit with my students, not to mention myself. I won’t make it to Camp Winnarainbow this summer, where I get my clown face on, but where there is paint, there is always a way to win a rainbow. The painting above started with collage papers and my favorite “patina” paint mixtures and ended with some doodles on brown paper, cut out and collaged on.

The art play lesson this issue is mesh textures, and there’s lots of possibilities here! 

There’s only one or two spots left in the new Monday Afternoon Muse Group starting May 23, and I hope it will be for you. There are new lessons in each round.  And this will be the last session in my studio till the fall. 

Registration has been lively for the upcoming workshop at Sebastopol Center for the Arts, so please don’t wait till last minute to sign up.  Details below.

Keep reading for news from the sketchbook and more!

Susan Cornelis

Sebastopol Center for the Arts presents
Mixed Media Painting: The Visual Poetry of Wabi Sabi
June 25 + 26
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm
282 South High St., Sebastopol, CA

Explore this timeless esthetic of rich textures and earthy tones while learning spontaneous applications of ink, acrylics, oriental paper textures and more. This workshop is designed to engage your intuitive voice while offering tools and guidance to carry you through to finished paintings.

To register: call Sebastopol Center for the Arts: 707-829-4797
or register online here.


The Artful Muse Workshops

in my Sebastopol studio

(Last offerings til fall)

Each session adds a new mixed media painting technique to your repertoire, pushing the boundaries of water media, texture, collage and more.  You learn to recognize your intuitive voice as it takes you in new directions. Meditation, writing, and the fellowship of the group are added into the mix to evoke that powerful Muse energy!

Monday Afternoon Muse Group (six weeks) 
May 23-June 27

    Time: 1:30-4:30pm
    Cost: $210 for 6 classes, $45/drop-in class (as space allows)

Saturday Mini-Workshops  (meet monthly)
Time: 10am-2:30pm
    Cost $65/class (as space allows)

    May 14  Smoke painting and brulage

Drop ins are welcome, but registration is required!

Visit my website and blog to see more.  The blog shows demos from the classes as well as new sketch-ventures.

For more information and to register, email me
Ask about private or semi private consultations and lessons.


Art Play: Mesh Texture
It started in Italy, this fascination with gold mesh. In the art studio of my residency in Assisi last summer I found a scrap of mesh, painted gold and with bits of paper stuck to it. Clearly it was the residue of a previous artist’s project. I used some of it in three mixed media pieces and brought the rest home.  When my students saw it, they had to know how it was made, so I went about investigating!

A trip to the hardware store was all I needed to find the light weight nylon screen, sold by length from a roll, and of course, the ever useful cheesecloth. A couple yards of mesh from the fabric store and acrylic paints, and we were ready to go.

In the painting above you can see that as I painted the cheesecloth laid out on the white paper (with yellow and gold), it became a kind of stencil to give an initial textural pattern. The painted cheesecloth was dried and used as collage on another painting.

Meanwhile I painted some (window) screen black and gold with my acrylic paints, leaving behind a stenciled pattern on another piece of paper. The black paint clotted up on the screen, which suggested windows on buildings or a secret coded language! I cut out pieces in a kind of loose narrative to finish the piece, gluing them on with acrylic gel.

You may have already guessed that other materials could be used in the same way, such as netting used in grocery packaging, laces, and lightly unraveled muslins. Have fun with your own experiments using mesh texture. And for more ideas check out the following blog posts, here and here.
Recently I was honored to have my painting "Blown to Pieces" on the cover of the California State Poetry Society's quarterly publication. The poets whose work is published in this edition represent four continents in addition to the United States, California included!
News from the Sketchbook

It’s been a rich couple of months with sketch ventures in San Francisco’s art museums, Haight Ashbury, and Fort Mason;  a concert in the Jazz mecca of Healdsburg, and recently a Japanese Arts Festival in Santa Rosa. Most of the sketches can be seen on my blog. A high point was the Oscar de la Renta exhibit, which is still at the de Young Museum until the end of this month. 

I sketch mainly on site with a fountain pen, taking iPhone pictures when i can’t add the paint until later. And then, to feed my insatiable drawing urge, I sketch from the iPhone, in comfort on the couch at home. 

But there is a difference. There is so much more liveliness in the on site sketches, even with the awkwardness of standing while sketching or various environmental difficulties. .  . like rain. Here in California rain is such a welcome occurrence that we cannot complain if it wets the sketch paper and makes the ink run, as it did at the recent Japanese Arts Festival. Paper dries and watercolor needs water to work anyway!

I’ve continued my visits at the nursing home.  At the suggestion of one of the residents’ son and with the help of my husband, we have made a montage of my sketches and ordered a puzzle for the residents to use. I hope to share it in another issue. This art making has come to feel like my family visiting time. 
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