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This year November 28 has been designated at Giving Tuesday. We want to invite you to join us as we use Giving Tuesday as a way to kick off a major effort to help our sisters and brothers in southern Tanzania. People like Marina pictured above. She has used micro loans not just to increase her own income, but to provide education for children in her neighborhood. (For more about her story, click on one of the buttons below and scroll to the bottom of the page.)

For more than two decades, the Western Iowa Synod and the Southern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania have been walking together in ministry. This year we are working on a new initiative to establish 8 new SACCOS (Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies) in southern Tanzania. These SACCOS will give small holder farmers and small business owners access to micro loans that can significantly increase their income.

To achieve this goal, we want to raise $64,000 to provide training for new SACCOS leaders, to pay necessary governmental registration fees and to provide capital for the loans themselves. 

You can help us make  this project a success.

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You can become a fundraiser by simply asking key friends and family members to consider making a gift to help. It isn't hard to do this. All the tools you need are on our campaign website!

The Companion Synod Network invites you consider using Giving Tuesday as an opportunity to make a gift to help people in southern Tanzania dramatically improve their income and their standard of living. We are kicking off a campaign to raise $64,000 for that purpose.

There's just one week left! On Giving Tuesday people around the world will be participating in this great day of giving back for others. Help us extend that giving to help ordinary Tanzanians improve life for themselves and their families.

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