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Issue 3                                                                                                                                        June 2015

3D Avatar Innovation
Mary McFadden
3D Avatar Innovation
Speeding up
design to market

Alvanon, the global apparel business expert, has developed a new virtual fit form avatar that accurately represents the 3D body shape of a specific brand’s or retailer's target consumer population. Compatible with multiple 3D fashion design and prototype development systems. It enables apparel companies to significantly increase the design to market speed while yielding significant savings in physical fittings and sampling.  

When used in conjunction with leading 3D fashion design and prototype development systems, the virtual form enables garment designers and technologists to create, develop, fit and share their designs with their internal teams and supply chain partners.

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Alvanon's 3D avatar innovation.

Contact: Susana Charm
Marketing Manager

  Gerber Technology
3D Visualization Technology
Dramatic Reductions in Development and Sample Making Times

Gerber Technology introduced a 3D visualization technology as an optional module for AccuMark 10, its industry leading integrated pattern design, grading, planning and marker making software.

3D technology makes it possible to reduce and even eliminate process steps and interactions among design, sample making and merchandising teams, to help designers optimize their time and speed up important feedback cycles. Gerber's rapid development cycle will elevate AccuMark beyond current available systems.

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Gerber's 3D Visualization Technology.

Contact: Mary McFadden
Director of CAD Product Management

P: 800-826-3243

Niklas Kirwel
New Vendor & Compliance Management System
The Golden Thread in Fast Moving Global Businesses is Smart Connective

Setlog’s OSCA® is smart product suite software that provides real-time access to crucial information. OSCA® is cloud-based software for highly efficient, supply chain management. Swift collaboration of all partners on a single platform ensures maximum transparency along the entire supply chain.

OSCA® has been specifically designed for real-time use in the cloud; its modular configuration provides manufactures with the best setup specific to their needs.

Setlog's product suite to safeguard compliance in your vendor management processes includes:
  • Vendor Information Management
  • Collaboration
  • Social & Quality Audits
  • Vendor Rating

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Setlog's solutions - get connective.

Contact: Niklas Kirwel
Vice President & CPO
P: 212.209.3969

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