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Dear Bravehearts: (do you like your nickname, Chaperones?)

We will soon be in the process of organizing "family groups" for the Scotland trip and would like your input on whether leading the family group in which your daughter (or family member) is placed is important to you.

Some things to consider before you reply:
  • Each family group will include 4-6 girls led by one chaperone.
  • Family groups will serve as the "check-in" point whenever we are moving about and will be the primary way in which we organize and dispense information each day. Family groups are NOT roommates as each participant is assigned her own room. 
  • Girls will be expected to listen to and follow the directions given by their chaperone.
  • Family groups will travel together on the same flights. As a reminder, everyone is on the same trans-Atlantic flight but we split into two groups for the Amsterdam to Aberdeen leg (a very short flight).
  • Girls will generally NOT be confined to their family groups--there will be plenty of opportunity to interact with everyone on the trip--but they will need to interact regularly with their chaperone as their primary source of information and direction.      

We will be finalizing the groups next week in preparation for ticketing by May 29.

Please let us know your preference by Monday, May 11. Thank you!

Finally, don't forget our chaperone meeting (#1) scheduled for Wednesday, June 8 from 6-9pm at Sequoia Branch Library, followed by our parent/singer meeting on Thursday, June 9 from 5-6pm at Covenant Presbyterian Church (rehearsal immediately following).

Thank you!

78 days. :)