It's time for a fresh start. That's what a new year invites us to consider. But a new start is always offered by God for those who have lost their way. If you've been looking for a place to remember and renew your spiritual life, give us a try at Christ Chapel. We are welcoming and make hospitality our main work.  Our worship services are no experience required and held Wednesdays and Sundays at 5:30.  
Our Wednesday evening services always begin with fresh-baked bread, as at the root of the word "companion" is "one with whom you break bread with."  We want all to feel that they belong, that they are companions with us on the journey that is faith.
Our schedule for the next few weeks:

January 27: Light and Life
February 6: Epiphany Evening Prayer
February 13: A Celebration of Absalom Jones
February 20: Celtic Evening Prayer
February 27: Evening Prayer with Professor Dr. Jack Wilde, Department of Music
January 31st, 7:00.  February 22nd, too!

The title says it all.  Game night, including your favorite card, board, and even some video games.  Bring a snack to share.

Christ Chapel’s ministry is open to all students, staff, and faculty of Texas State University, and to adults who are interested in supporting the ministry’s goals.  Participants are not required to attend a certain number of times in order to be considered part of the ministry; the welcome we extend is unconditional.

However, some students may choose to explore their faith lives more intentionally through the ministry of Christ Chapel.  Toward that end, students are invited to enroll in Servants of the Cross, an order of students in ministry.  Servants of the Cross make a commitment to a program of four components, offered on a rotating cycle over a three-semester period.  

This semester's offering: a survey using “The Bible’s Big Story,” a study of biblical history and content that explores the underlying themes of God’s redemptive work, culminating in Christ. By the course’s completion, participants will be able to open a Bible to any section and have a general understanding of the sections context. Participants will also be given interpretive tools by which to understand the Bible without resorting to literalism and with intellectual responsibility.

Registration is required; the classes will meet Fridays for 6 weeks at 11:00 and conclude by 3:00; lunch will be included. Indicate your interest in person or through email to


Dinner and a Movie - February 21st, 7:00
Join us that night for a baked potato bar and a movie to follow. We'll watch the movie and talk about the theological themes in the film. What film?  Stay tuned!

Feeding the Homeless - February 4th, 4:30
Join us at Southside Community Center, 518 S. Guadalupe to help serve supper to the crowd of 30-40 who gather each night for supper. 

Valentine's Card Making Party - February 9, 4:00 - 7:00 
Our annual effort to make Valentine's Day cards for sale in support of the Hays County Food Bank will take place on February 9th, place TBD.  Supper will be included!

And every Thursday at 12:00 p.m.
Pause for Prayer, using the ancient office for that hour of prayer and simple meditative songs from the Taizé community. We finish by 12:15.
Christ Chapel at Texas State
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