Costume updates: What to bring to rehearsal Monday
Hi Britten families--

Thanks for sending your singers with possible costume and prop pieces yesterday. It was a huge help in figuring out this costume puzzle!

We have a much better sense now of what kids have and what pieces we'll need to get for them. We hope you'll be open to kids borrowing from each other; many of you sent multiple options, which is great. 

Please read below to find out what your singer should bring to rehearsal on Monday. Please label these items in some way (inside with masking tape is just fine). Some will be used for your singer; others will go to other singers. (for example, some boys brought pirate hats or vests that would work best for the captain/first mate) We'll store these items for boychoir use and bring to each rehearsal for the boys, through the concert on May 11.

If you don't singers' name below, don't fret. We have plans to outfit them with items borrowed from other singers and other places. But if your singer had an item that Kirsten, our costume coordinator didn't get to see, please send (labeled) with them on Monday. 

Mitchell: 1 black monmouth cap
Josiah: 2 monmouth caps
Basil: Purple vest
Charlie: Black pirate hat, black vest, sword
Sammy: Black hat with yellow feather, skull/crossbones bandana, spyglass
Jonah: hook hand, burgundy bandana, teal bandana
Dylan: Black bandana, 2 monmouth type caps
Braiden: 2 swords
Nate Martin: 2 swords, eyepatch, belt for sword
Nathan Meyer: Black and white bandana
Ben: monmouth type cap, eyepatch, sword, 2 bandanas
Deagen: 3 point hat with feather, red headband sash, black belt with satchel, black wrist guards, white sleeve with black vest top
Elliot FR: red head scarf

Finally, items we're still looking for:
1. Union jack flag with flagpole (small enough for one person to hold; large enough to seen from the audience.)
2. Skull and crossbones flag with flagpole (small enough for one person to hold; large enough to seen from the audience.)
3. One spyglass
4. Small velvet bag
5. 18th/19th century British military style hat like this.

Our costume coordinator is Kirsten Fruit  ( Contact her with questions (and copy Randy: