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We are re-sending this email because "mistakes were made" in the previous version. We incorrectly referred to 'Gail' Bingham as 'Beth' in the article, "New focus on mothers and babies on PC(USA) website." We greatly appreciate the work that Gail is doing and want to give her the credit she deserves!

March 2010

Collin's Miracle Beginning
This is the story of Collin's amazing beginning to his life. As most great stories go, this one is filled with joy, pain, fear, and a happy ending!
by Christy Ingalls
Collin before and after birth
Collin ultrasound & infant
is is the story of Collin's amazing beginning to his life. As most great stories go, this one is filled with joy, pain, fear, and a happy ending! ...I found out that I was pregnant on April 29, 1999 when I was approximately 5 weeks along...and our surprise turned into joy at this new life.
Then on May 29, 1999 something terrible happened...I started to feel pain in my belly. I instinctively felt that something was wrong. Read Collin's story.
New focus on mothers and babies on PC(USA) webpage

This young woman in Malawi endured a fistula that resulted in incontinence following obstructed labor in two pregnancies. Both of her first babies were stillborn. After coming to Mulanje Mission Hospital she had successful fistula repair surgery and was subsequently able to give birth to the baby held here by her husband. Since this photo was taken this couple has welcomed two more children into their family.

How refreshing that mothers are the focus of almost every page of the PC(USA) website this month!
The various PC(USA) web entries for March have united around a theme of motherhood. If you go to the PC(USA) website and type 'mother' in the search engine, you will see what I mean. I am encouraged by this focus on women as mothers.
For example, Beth Newberry has written a thoughtful article, "Mothers in Ministry." She explores the challenges and blessings of a the duel calling experienced by moms in ministry. She discusses ways churches can adapt and support women who seek to balance the priorities of ministry and family. Kendal Land reminds us in "Better than Abraham" that fathers in ministry need the considered care of congregations also and the freedom to give priority to their families .
A ministry of hope for those facing infertility is spotlighted.
"Pregnant with Hope," by Bethany Furkin, introduces Susan Radulovacki, a member of Peachtree Presbyterian Church, whose own experience with the pain of infertility prompted her to write a Bible Study to bring hope to those struggling with infertility. The article notes the importance of ministry that brings hope and support to couples facing infertility. The Peachtree Church conducts a Bible Study for infertile couples twice a year. A leadership guide is available online.
Current projects benefit mothers and babies.
I found more good news on the denomination's website among the current ministry projects. PPL is cautious about endorsing ministry projects of the PC(USA) because of the denomination's support for abortion. So, I am delighted that I am able to encourage pro-life churches to support two current projects that benefit women and babies. The need is great. We who uphold the value of human life from fertilization to natural death ought to be the first to give generous support to projects providing practical ministry to pregnant women and infants.
Baby Kits
The Presbyterian Disaster Association gives a variety of kits assembled by churches to those devastated by the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. Among those is a Baby Kit. For information about the contents of the kits and where to mail them go here. This is a great project for any group in your church. Patterns for handmade gowns and baby sweaters for inclusion in the kits can be online. The kit value is $39 and donations are accepted in lieu of kits.
A Mother's day project
Healthy Women Healthy Families, is a Presbyterian Women project that offers unique Mother's Day cards when you make a contribution. Donations benefit women in African countries, providing pre-natal care, fistula surgeries, and health education for women.
I wondered if funds would be used to pay for abortion or to promote birth control, so I asked!
Will abortion be funded?
I have been assured by staff at the PC(USA) that funds donated to Healthy Women Healthy Families will NOT be used to provide abortions, or to promote birth control. Gail Bingham, Associate for Constituency Relations International Health & Development (GAMC), says:
"The goal of Healthy Women Healthy families is to protect and restore the health of women and children. This includes helping women to have successful pregnancies, by protecting them from malaria (the most frequent cause of miscarriage and premature delivery in sub-Saharan Africa,) assuring that they have adequate nutrition, and encouraging women to come to a hospital to deliver, rather than having an unattended birth which can have devastating consequences such as fistulas and stillbirth."
Health education activities in this projecct are focused on teaching families healthy living habits and increasing nutrition. You can learn more about this project here.
PPL will continue to monitor the website and publications of the PC(USA) and report our good and bad findings. We thank God for this good news!
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Historically, PPL has been well-represented at General Assembly. We work cooperatively with other renewal groups for spiritual and structural renewal of the PC (USA). We seek to be a "prophetic witness" among the commissioners and provide resources and education on critical life issues being addressed. It takes a large and knowledgeable team to thoroughly cover the issues in the various committees.
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It is important to remember that although we have been encouraged by an increased attention given to mothers and children and to women who are pregnant and their babies by PC(USA) entities, the social witness policy on abortion in the PC(USA) has not changed. Our denomination still condones abortion and lobbies for a woman's right to abort her child. Our denomination continues to exhibit moral confusion about issues like abortion and care at the end of life.
Presbyterians Pro-Life is working diligently toward making changes at the General Assembly level that would move our church toward a more faithful stance--one that reflects the clear teaching of Scripture about the value of human life. Our next issue will focus on some of the business coming to the General Assembly that has implications for our witness to the world on life issues. Our GA team will be there in Minneapolis and we need your help to put on our events there and have a lively pro-life witness at the Assembly. Please pray for us and give generously to support our work. We are grateful for your help!
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