Issue #38   November, 2015
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The Bible: the playbook for spiritual fitness
My brother's physical activity of choice is running. Having run dozens of marathons, he coaches novice runners in preparing for their first races. Our sister was among his pupils, and I accompanied her to her first half marathon as her official purse and backpack holder.
This was the first foot race I had observed up close and was surprised to find that running was not the solitary activity that I had thought it was.  In fact, seeing the race before, during, and after reminded me of the congregation of a church. Runners greeted each other. There were some running clubs who trained together regularly and now raced together. At this particular race there was no separation of more experienced runners from novices and there were many exchanges of workout stories and encouragements to each other.
What is the connection to Bible study, you ask? While there is a place for individual Bible reading, there is also a place for group Bible study where we as participants learn from and encourage each other, as together we seek to understand the Scriptures and how God uses them to speak to us in our time.
For Planning
Our Fall 2015 flier emphasizes spiritual fitness through group Bible study. 

In this flier, we help you to “get  ready” for group Bible study by suggesting seasonal materials for Advent and Lent, as well as for the study of specific Old and New Testament books and themes. 

We provide ways to “get set” with materials you can print to promote your study—all available on our website. 
And we give you the means to “go”— how to order study materials by calling the Kerygma office or ordering through our website.
Large Print Editions

Responding to your requests and to meet participants’ needs, we are making large print editions available for some Kerygma studies. 
Currently, large print editions are now available for An Odd Couple: Jonah and Ruth, Hallelujah: The Bible and Handel's Messiah and Job and the Life of Faith: Wisdom for Today’s World.
To order a large print edition, go to the webpage for that study and look for the drop down menu next to the Purchase button. 
We will keep you posted when new large print editions for specific studies become available. We are glad to respond to the needs of your participants. Please let us know how we may be of help.
Lets Hear it for Groups

Our world is becoming more solitary. At meals and in meetings, people look at their cell phones instead of talking to each other. People watch movies at home or on tablets instead of in a theater. The church is one setting where group interaction is not only important, it is essential to our growth as Christians, individually and corporately.

Think of group Bible study as an activity dedicated to congregational spiritual health and nurture. By ourselves, we might easily postpone a workout for another time. Seeking others to study the Bible with encourages us to stick to a routine, to develop this spiritual discipline, and to learn what we might otherwise miss.
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