Our 8th Annual Madison Boychoir Festival is tomorrow, Saturday, February 24! It is our privilege to be welcoming singers from all over southern Wisconsin to West High School for this event the success of which hinges, in large part, on the enthusiastic participation of our boychoir members. Thank you in advance for paying attention to the details below and supporting your son's participation on Saturday.  

This is a Required Event
We are planning that your son is attending unless we have already heard from you regarding his unavoidable conflict. Please notify us via the absence form if he is not able to attend.

Details for Saturday Morning
Before You Arrive
Eat a good breakfast and be hydrated! We have snacks planned but not a lunch. We anticipate the festival will be finished by 1:15pm.
Make sure you are wearing your festival T-shirt (black) before you walk out the door. If you were absent from rehearsal this week your T-shirt will be at registration when you arrive. Wear jeans or whatever pants you wear to school along with your festival T-shirt.

Singers do NOT need to bring their MYC music on Saturday--just their enthusiasm and welcoming smiles.

MYC singers in grades 6-12 should plan to arrive at West High School at 8:45am on Saturday.

MYC singers in grades 2-5 should plan to arrive an hour later at 9:45am.

Parents can drop off singers at the entrance to the Stevens Gymnasium along Regent Street. (Please do not attempt to use any other entrance.) You will see signs (and likely buses) at this entrance. The festival rehearsals begin promptly at 9:00am for grades 6-12 followed by 10:00am for grades 2-5.

Upon arrival, please:
  • find the MYC name tag table inside the Stevens Gymnasium. Put your name tag on and proceed directly to your rehearsal room. We will have volunteers to direct you.
  • As you do this, please be aware that you are an official host of this event: Smile, be friendly, be helpful. There are many young men from all over Madison and beyond who will be attending. Please make them feel welcome and see how many new friends you can make before 1pm!

The Festival choirs are organized by grade and your name tag will be coded with your choir assignment:
Youth Choir: Grades 2 - 5 rehearsing in the Van Hise Gym
Middle School and High School Choir: Grades 6 - 12 rehearsing in the Cafeteria
Boychoir members should report to their assigned rehearsal room AFTER picking up their name tag in the Stevens Gymnasium. Again, we will have signs posted and volunteers directing you.   
Please don't forget to wear your (black) festival t-shirt!  
Festival Concert & Departure
Parents, we hope you are planning to attend the FREE festival concert beginning at 12:30pm in the Stevens Gymnasium. (We will be taking a donation at the door to help cover our expenses for the day--thank you for considering making a donation on Saturday!) Once the concert is finished (by 1:15pm) singers are free to go.

Please plan ahead for parking! We suggest parking along Speedway Road or on neighborhood streets around West High School. The entrance to the Stevens Gymnasium is accessed via the Regent Street entrance. (Look for our signs!) Please note: the Stevens Gymnasium will be closed to the public on Saturday morning until we have completed our rehearsals. We plan to open the gymnasium for concert patrons around 12:10pm. Thank you for your patience as we allow our singers to finish rehearsing without distractions. There is PLENTY of seating!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. :)