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December 13, 2010

Baby in MangerAdvent: What are you expecting?
Do you remember Christmas as a child? The building sense of anticipation and excitement became all consuming on Christmas Eve. All our attention was focused on the gifts we hoped to receive on Christmas Day...As believers in Christ we look backward during Advent, anticipating the re-living of the birth of Christ...But, Christ did not come first to the manger in Bethlehem...God's Son had already been on earth in human form for nine months! Read more.

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SOHLS: Celebrate life & mourn lives lost to abortion

In all the war, genocide, and holocaust of human history, no violence has taken as many human lives as abortion.

Yet, this atrocity is rarely addressed in sermons, prayers, or confessions in our churches. Isn't it about time in your church?

PPL offers bulletin inserts and worship ideas for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday on January 23rd.

Resources: Visit our webpage containing resources and ideas for Celebrating life and remembering lives lost to abortion on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

In a hurry? Download PPL's bulletin insert for SOHLS for color and black and white copiers.
Color Bulletin insert
SOHLS Bulletin insert in full color
Grayscale Bulletin insert
SOHLS Bulletin insert in grayscale

Presbyterian Church looks at Advent through a woman's eyes

This news report comes from Presbyterian News Service in their Synod and Presbytery news report, Dec. 7, 2010.

Echo Hill Presbyterian Church in the Presbytery of East Iowa is looking at Advent through a woman's eyes and child bearing experiences. Each week features a guest who will speak scripturally and personally from four different themes:

1st week of Advent: Barrenness by Noelle Andrew, about the experience the emptiness of women who long for a child but are unable to have one;
2nd week of Advent: Unexpectedness by Nancy Olthoff, about the experience of unexpectedness of women who become pregnant when they least expect it (too old - too young);
3rd week of Advent: Uncomfortableness by Colette Soults, about the experience of a mother becoming uncomfortable as the child grows in the womb - when she is forced to change the way she sleeps, the things she eats and the approach to different tasks.
4th week of Advent: Expectant Joyfulness, a collage of personal stories about the "glow" or "radiancy" as a woman enters the last stage of her pregnancy, connectiing to the Biblical witness that speaks of lives that are defined by joy.
Denomination News
As you prepare for voting on important amendments to the PC(USA) constitution in your presbytery, be sure to visit the new Reclaim the Biblical Teaching webpage.
You may find the following articles to be helpful in your preparation:
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Advent: What are you expecting?
SOHLS: Celebrate life...
Advent through her eyes
Denomination News...
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Partner's for Life Churches are building a culture of life in their congregations.

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First Presbyterian Church, Oostburg, WS
Oostburg's new pastor, Rev. Brian Jacobson, and his wife are in the process of adopting a newborn baby. The congregation is a ROC church and have been generous supporters of PPL for a long time.
FPC Oostburg has a pro-life statement posted prominently on their website.
They observe SOHLS by having a pro-life children's sermon and by placing a bassinet in their lobby area containing a set of fetal models. The children in the church love handling and looking at the pre-natal models.
The church participates in an ongoing collection of baby & maternity clothing, furniture, cribs, etc. for Mary's Room, a ministry to pregnant women in need.

First Presbyterian Church of Sparta, NJ

The Sparta Church has made a statement supportive of pregnancy ministry and adoption.
They held a community wide adoption event in November focused on the adoption of special needs children.

Fairview Presbyterian Church, Glenmoore, PA
Fairview sponsored a workshop in post abortion ministry in the Spring of 2010 with Peggy MacLeod. They conducted a Baby Bottle Fundraiser to benefit the Chester County Women's Center in the Spring. Lois Ann Atkinson (PPL Board member) volunteers at the center and another member of Fairview's congregation serves on their board.
Fairview talks about their pro-life stand with new members coming into the church and are planning to find a place in the Sunday bulletin to post that they are a Partner's for Life church. They display pro-life literature in their foyer.

More ideas next month! Please share your church's efforts to speak on behalf of the unborn.

I hope in this busy season as we wait expectantly to celebrate again the birth of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, that you will find a few quiet moments to spend with the one who has known and loved you from your mother's womb. May the wonder of His acts on our behalf fill you with praise and motivate you to care for the most vulnerable among us! Wishing you and yours a most Blessed Christmas,
Yours in Christ for Life,

Marie Bowen
Executive Director
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The WORD made flesh

Luke 1:30-31
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"And the angel said to her...You shall conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High.