Funding Opportunity: ACF Announces New RFP Process
Funding Opportunity: ACF Invites Letters of Inquiry, Highlights New Procedures for Applying
August 6, 2012

Dear Allies,

In 2010, as with most organizations, ACF began to feel the full effect of the economy. When a lot of foundations took time away from grantmaking, the Appalachian Community Fund (ACF) made the decision to continue grantmaking except from our Seize the Moment Fund. We were fortunate given the economy, but we had to make some decision pertaining to the operation and longevity of the organization. As a result we began examining our social change principles, the movement in the region, and the needs of our grantees and stakeholders. Our analysis has spurred the need to further develop and streamline our day-to-day operations, to include not only our grantmaking process but diversifying funds raised for grantmaking.

As a result, we will implement a new grantmaking process for fiscal year 2013-2013 in all categories, which includes the letter of intent to apply for grants from the general fund. This new process will enable ACF staff and grantees to spend less time with the application process. This year, to initiate the process for the general fund application, you must first submit a letter of inquiry (LOI). The letters will be reviewed by the board of directors. Groups that meet the criteria will be invited to submit a full application. Notification will be sent out at the end of September. Proposals submitted without an approved LOI will not be considered for funding.

The board and staff understands the role that ACF has played for small and large organizations alike in providing financial support around issues and projects that are moving us all further along our journey toward justice. For this reason the board and staff of ACF are working hard to ensure we hear the voice of the grantees, donors, community leaders and stakeholders as we continue to analyze the work in and around region. As this process is being furthered developed, we look forward to your letters and your proposals.

Thank you all for the hard work you do everyday. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to call me.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Margo Miller

Executive Director

Celebrating 25 Years of Change, not Charity in Central Appalachia!

LOI: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Request for full proposals: End of September

Applications: Friday, November 9, 2012 at 5pm EST.


General Fund Application Instructions

Letter of Inquiry Cover Sheet

General Fund Application

p.s. The preferred method of receiving applications is via email, but you may type them on the forms and mail them into the office.

To submit via email, please download the Microsoft Word version of the forms from the website, fill them out using a word program, save them and return. Convert your work to PDF files to make them smaller and easier to email.

Real Good, Not Feel Good
A Brief Guide to High-Impact

Today, everywhere we look, we see another global challenge - from poverty and disease, to climate change and the economic meltdown. And even our own finances are not what they used to be. But we still need to do whatever we can to help the world.

So now, more than ever, we need to use our limited philanthropic dollars in the best ways that we possibly can. We can no longer afford to spend scarce funds on things that simply feel good. Instead we need to support initiatives that do real good, and that have the potential to generate large-scale and lasting solutions to the world's biggest problems.

Every day, we are presented with innovative non-profits and social enterprises, claiming to do good. But not every effort-no matter how well-intentioned-will generate equal results. It is all too easy to support those that sound the best, use the coolest technology, have the best PR or give a warm and fuzzy feeling. But with the world's increasing problems, and limited resources, this is no-longer an acceptable option. Instead, we need to identify and support those initiatives that really do have the potential to change the world. Please click here to read the full article.

By Martin J Fisher, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO KickStart-International; Kevin Starr, MD, The Rainer Arnhold Fellows.

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