Weekly Notes From Madison Youth Choirs
Thursday, May 21, 2020
Congratulations to our MYC Graduating Class of 2020!
It's been a privilege for all of us at MYC to have had a part in your childhood. We encourage you to be generous with what you've learned and share the ideas, music, and memories you've collected from your time with MYC--by doing so, you strengthen our community and make the world a little brighter. We're proud of all of you! #igrewupsinging

Gillean Blair (3.5 years)
Mason Bohn (3 years)
Kurt Borcherding (10 years)
Lauren Engle (7.5 years)
Zach Feltz (3 years)
Grace Hutter (7 years)
Anna Jordan (4.5 years)
Liam Kantor (4.5 years)
Cayden Kirkpatrick (3 years)
Jack Kjentvet (11 years)
Sylvia Knauss (5.5 years)
Erick Paiz-Handrick (6.5 years)
Anya Reddy (5 years)
Renae Rodefeld (6 years)
Jake Statz (6.5 years)
Ernst Stolzenberg (5.5 years)
Tejah Travis (4.5 years)
Katelyn Wasacz (3 years)
Samantha Wilcox (4.5 years)
Lars Wuethrich (4 years)

Brat Fest Goes Virtual
Many of us may don a yellow Brat Fest T-shirt this weekend out of sheer habit and a calendar that says we should be filling our wrapper, griller, or sparkle team volunteer shifts at Willow Island. Alas, not this year as Brat Fest has gone virtual.

No actual food will be sold, but the online event which begins Friday, May 22, is designed to benefit the hundreds of non-profits, including MYC, who have traditionally supplied volunteers for the weekend festival. You can check out all the options for taking part--including snagging a commemorative T-shirt--on their webpage: Virtual Brat Fest or Facebook page.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and thanks for being part of the MYC community!​​​​​​​