Hi Cantabile and Ragazzi singers and families (please share with your singer):
Sorry to bug you again, but I really need to know singers' availability for the evening of May 17 (see below): 

We've been asked to perform at a Madison Community Foundation event the evening of May 17. Please check your calendars and let me know ASAP if you can or cannot participate; I need to hear from all singers. 

If you've already responded, please disregard. According to my records (which could easily be wrong--sorry)I still need to hear from the people below. 

Mason, Will, Kodiak, Michael E, Gabe, Sascha H, Nathaniel, Liam K, Clayton, Henry M, Anton, Sascha N, Erick P-H, Mark P-H, Justin, Rowen, Christian R, Jose, Eric R-B, Jameson, Omeed, Ernst, Christopher W, Peter.

Melia, Halle, Emma, Sophie, Kristin, Phoebe, Grace, Morgan, Vicky, Lauren, CC, Juliana, Caitlin, Anya, Kirsten, Lydia, Savon, Samantha

Thanks for checking out this date--I know it's a busy time of year. I'm hopeful that we'll have enough singers to be able to participate.