Welcome to this week's edition of the DOC newsletter. 

See below information about what is going on in DSSC; coaching best practices and advice.

Thank you to all coaches for a fantastic start to the Fall Season. We have more players than ever playing soccer in Dover and Sherborn. We have seen some great results on the field, and positive developments for all players. Please lets help maintain the high standards of coach and player behavior throughout. 

DOC Group Nights

Last week was the first DOC Group night, this is a new session we have introduced for the Fall season. Group nights are an opportunity for coaches and players to come and take part in sessions led by the DOC. The idea of these extra sessions is to provide players with more soccer, to help educate coaches, and provide cohesion between age groups. 
Each session is designed for specific age groups with U9/U10 playing 6v6, U11/U12 playing 8v8 and U14 playing 11v11. 
Coaches can sign up via email with the DOC to take part. 
See below dates for the future sessions:

October 2nd - 8v8 Teams
October 16th - 11v11 Teams
October 30th - 6v6 Teams
November 6th - 8v8 Teams
November 13th - 11v11 Teams 

Best Practice - Heading Technique 

There has been a lot of attention in recent years about the risk of concussion in soccer, and the links with heading the soccer ball. Heading the soccer ball is completely safe and an effective way to control the soccer ball in the air, especially from a corner kick or throw ins - IF the technique is correct. Repeated improper technique and a clash of heads can cause the risk of concussion. 
See the video below for guidance about heading technique. Feel free to pass onto your players. 
Also, see the following website for some information about heading and concussions.

Concussion Awareness
Dover Sherborn Soccer Club - GPS Coaching Team 
Charlotte Phillips - Director of Coaching 

Jamie Ovens - Player Development Officer - 2nd Grade & BAYS. 
Greg Meehan - Player Development Officer -
PreK-1st Grade 
DSSC Video Of The Week
We asked the U12 Girls in DS why they like to play soccer......click the video below.

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Best Practice Of The Week 

Positive Rewards 
As coaches, and soccer enthusiasts we naturally want to win and are competitive. However, it is important to remember the role we have in developing our players and ensuring they are having a positive experience throughout. 
One idea of how to ensure players remain motivated when things are perhaps not going our way......target setting before the game. 

I have seen this by a couple of DS coaches already and its a fantastic way to help player development. Before the game set your team a target to achieve....it may be 10 shots on target, putting together 5 passes in a row....anything that you have been working on that week in practice works. 

This had be a fantastic way to help motivate your players, and help them developmentally to improve their game. 

But yes....winning does feel good as well!!
DSSC Coaching Curriculum