March 30, 2020

Dear Patrons,

First and foremost, in this threatening environment I hope you are safe, healthy and finding times of peace. 

Most of what I read stresses we should stay in touch with each other through whatever means keeps us vigilant about social distance. So I thought I would send a brief note.    

Recently, I was on a phone call with the leaders of all seventeen chapters of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museum in the United States. We recognized that everything takes a back seat to responding to the novel coronavirus. But we also revisited our commitment to the restoration of the art in the Vatican Museums and, through that restoration, to the connection between faith and art.

Somehow, faced with the pandemic, our mission can be seen in a new light. Besides all the organizational, medical, and technological expertise we need to call on, we need to reach deep inside to sustain our spirits in the challenges of curing and caring. Traditionally, as people gazed on beautiful works of art, they found a commitment to persevere in their purposes, especially purposes that carried out the common good. For many, this is still the case today.

Our work contributes.


Anne Shea