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December 11, 2013

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Holiday Fishin' in St. Simons

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Marsh Hen Hunts
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Fly Tying Classes and Casting Demonstration at St. Simons Outfitters

On December 17 from 7:00 to 9:00 I will be holding a novice fly tying class at St. Simons Outfitters.  We will tie some basic salt water flies such as a Clouser minnow and one of my original flies, the  Prawn's Revenge.  There is a small charge to cover the cost of materials.
On Saturday afternoon, December 21, I will be giving a casting demo showing the basic components of fly casting, curve casts and double haul.

Give Ellen a call at 912-638-5454 to reserve your spot for the fly tying class, or just drop by on Saturday at 3:00 for the casting demo.

Ultra Realistic Shrimp Flies


Over the last few months, I have given tying instructions for two variations of these flies.  


My client Tim Asbury introduced me to flies tied with UV acrylics last fall.  He ties a fish catching version with a rattle.  Below is a video link that shows Tim tying this super effective rattle shrimp fly.   

Tying a Clear Cure Goo Shrimp
Tying a Clear Cure Goo Shrimp

Tim's version of the rattle shrimp is tied with the tail toward the hook eye.  The tail pushes water and is effective in stained water.  I tie a different version of this rattle shrimp, similar to the Crystal Shrimp, with the horn over the eye.  Next month I will show photos of this tie.  


Consider tying and fishing some of these flies and invest in some UV acrylic fly tying material.  I think you will be impressed. 


Capt. David Edens
"Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn"  
Marsh Hen Hunts
(Another thing to do in a Flats Boat in St. Simons)   

When we are chasing red fish on the flood tides, we constantly flush Clapper Rails, or Marsh Hens.  We always hear these birds cackling away.  I like to say to clients they are laughing at us trying to catch tailing red fish with the long rod!
Marsh Hens, are secretive little birds that hide at the base of the marsh grass and feed on invertebrates found in the marsh.  They do not like to fly, and you rarely see them unless we have unusually high tides.  When we have flood tides they are pushed out of their hiding places in the marsh and hide on higher patches of grass and on marsh racks.  To hunt them, we pole close and flush them.
Because of their habits, the only time you can effectively hunt them is when we have EXTREMELY high tides. Forecasted high tides of 9' are preferable.  Fred booked me for earlier in the year, when we could fish for tailing fish in the grass and shoot Hens.  We weren't able to keep the first dates in October, so we re-scheduled to November.  By that time the water temps were too low for tailing fish, but did we have a ball jumping Rails.  Fred took a limit of birds in about three hours.  He is a fantastic shot, and did not miss any of the birds he shot at.
Let's get ready for next year, and consider a cast and blast in early Fall.
This is the back window of my Silver Toyota Tacoma truck.  It is pretty much unmistakable.

If you see me riding around St. Simons or anywhere else, stop me, say hello and let's talk about Fly Fishing.
Gay's Big Trout                      Gay's Big Trout
Capt. David Edens is an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing guide as well as a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor and a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers Professional Guides Association.  This assures you of a quality trip and instruction.

Contact me through my website: Fly Cast Charters or call:
Capt. David Edens
706-540-1276 cell (best)
912-289-1061 home
 Fall to Winter Fishing-2013 Re-cap
It it impossible to mention all the great people I had the privilege of taking fly fishing in St. Simons this past year. Thanks to all who chose Fly Cast Charters for their fly fishing adventure.  

Thanks to Christian, Bill, Lou, Richard, Tim and many others who had the chance to experience our big winter time schools of red fish.  

Thanks to Bill, Ben, Don and Don, Howard, Frank, Elden and many others that fished with me this Spring for Red Fish and Triple Tail.

During the Summer, so many of you had the chance to fish low tide and flood tides for tailing red fish.  I hope John, Ed, Kevin, Rick, Jerry, Paul and Bobbi, AlIan, Pat and too many others to mention have great memories of fly fishing in St. Simons.

Fall saw Tim, Matthew, Spencer, Brian, Bart and crew, McLean, Ed, David and many, many other folks come to St. Simons to fish.

It is because of you that 2013 was a success.  I sincerely love showing you all the terrific fly fishery we have in the Golden Isles.  I hope all of you, and the ones I didn't mention, enjoyed your time on the water-
"Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn."

I try to show as many pictures as I can from fishing, but it is impossible to show them all.  However, when I speak to a client and he asks where his pictures are, I have to make it up to him.  Alan had two great days in the flooded grass flats catching some nice tailing red fish.  I am sure he will be back soon.  Here are some pics of Allan, another Floridian, who discovered our sight fishery in St Simons:

Fall is over and winter is here.  The red fish are back into big schools, and they are marching up and down the flats.  Sight fishing in the Winter can be fabulous in St. Simons, but it is highly weather dependent.  Fronts move through on a regular basis.  Normally the fishing is best two or three days after a front has passed through.  In the winter particularly, we hope for clear skies and light winds.  In conditions like that we can see the schools on the flats from fifty yards away.  If you are in St Simons over the holidays, give me a call, and set aside a day or two to go fishing.
I can be flexible at this time of year, so if the weather isn't great one day, we can reschedule to another day.  Give me a call to schedule your time today.

Until next time, 
Tight lines, strip strike and practice the double haul, 
Capt. David Edens
308 Wild Heron Rd.
St. Simons Island, GA  31522
706-540-1276  Cell-best
912-289-1061 Home
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As an Orvis endorsed Guide, Orvis encourages my clients to leave feedback on the Orvis web site.  I pride myself on doing everything I can to make your trip successful.  If you ever are not satisfied or feel you cannot rate every part of our trip a 5 out of 5, please let me know and I will do everything in my power to make it right.

Check out the latest feedback at: Capt. David Edens

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If you have missed any of my newsletters from the last few years, now you can catch up on them.  I have put a page on my website that contains a link to most of the past newsletters.  These newsletters contain great food recipes, fly tying instructions, hints and tricks to improve your fishing.  Take a quick look by clicking this link:  NEWSLETTERS
Thanks for a Great 2013 and Saint Simons Outfitters
I can't express my appreciation to all my clients that have fished with me over the last several years.  I love showing everyone our terrific fly fishery.  I also love introducing people to the sport of the long rod.   There is no question that there are more effective ways to catch fish in the salt water, but there is no more challenging way. Floating live shrimp under a float rig or pulling a DOA under a popping cork is fun, but once you experience the thrill of sight casting to a ten pound red fish or a large triple tail and watching them inhale a fly, you will be hooked for life.   I do my best to give people a positive introduction to this sport and promote conservation oriented fly fishing in St. Simons. Please be sure to give me a call if you are coming to the Golden Isles, and let's go, "Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn." 


If you come to St. Simons, be sure to visit St. Simons Outfitters.  Ellen has vastly expanded the fly tying area.  She is fully stocked for Christmas with Barbour, Patagonia, Marmot and Orvis brand merchandise.  She is also expanding the line of local fly patterns and will soon begin carrying some innovative patterns from Chris Webber of Brack n' Brine products.   If you are going to fly fish in St. Simons, go by St. Simons Outfitters, pick up a few of these flies and catch some fish. 


Visit their web site to see what is new:  St. Simons Outfitters

For the latest fishing reports, please go to my web site:  Not only are there up to date fishing reports, I am constantly adding new photos, information and videos. Fish the Golden Isles, and call me to enjoy, "Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn".


Capt. David Edens

Endorsed Orvis Fly Fishing Guide
Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor
Federation of Fly Fishers Professional Guide Association
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