2016-17 Season Intention Forms Due Today!
Thank you for carefully reading through the intention form information that was distributed at rehearsals (check your son's choir bag!) and shared with you via email earlier this month (April 11/12).

Intention forms and deposits are due today, May 2.

If you haven't already done so, please turn in your form at rehearsal tonight along with your deposit.

Submitting your intention form ensures you will receive the time-sensitive 2016-17 placement and registration forms scheduled for delivery to families in mid-June.

If your singer is eligible to audition, please  submit your intention form and then reserve your audition time using the link below (also on our Members page).
Auditions are right around the corner! Please submit your intention form (with deposit) and reserve your time today!

Rehearsal Reminder for Tonight
Holst rehearsal tonight is from 4:30PM to 6:15PM.
Purcell and Britten: your rehearsal time is unchanged! We will see you at 5:30PM tonight.