An Order of Students in Ministry, Semester Two:
Feb. 23 - April 13

            Christ Chapel’s ministry is open to all students, staff, and faculty of Texas State University, and to adults who are interested in supporting the ministry’s goals.  Participants are not required to attend a certain number of times in order to be considered part of the ministry; the welcome we extend is unconditional.

            However, some students may choose to explore their faith lives more intentionally through the ministry of Christ Chapel.  Toward that end, students are invited to enroll in Servants of the Cross, an order of students in ministry.  Servants of the Cross make a commitment to a program of four components, offered on a rotating cycle over a three-semester period.

Semester One:  Biblical study using “The Bible’s Big Story,” a survey of biblical history and content that explores the underlying themes of God’s redemptive work, culminating in Christ. (Spring 2019)

Semester Two:  Catechesis using “Windows of Faith,” a small-group program designed to explore fundamentals of the Christian faith in an atmosphere that fosters conversation and reflection and that values the experiences of individual participants. (Spring 2018 - THIS SEMESTER)

Semester Three:  An exploration of spirituality (both spiritual gifts and spiritual practices) and leadership development, covering topics such as how to lead a Bible study, how to effectively listen to and offer guidance to other students, and how to design and implement ministry projects and ideas. (Fall 2018)

Students completing the three phases will be initiated into Servants of the Cross, which will represent a commitment to the ministry and its goals for the remainder of a student’s college career.  Servants of the Cross will meet for regular support, spiritual renewal, leadership development, and spiritual direction.  When the program is fully implemented, future Christ Chapel interns will be drawn from the Servant corp.  Students may join at any point in the process. If you missed Semester One, you may join at Semester Two without a problem.  

Servants of the Cross will meet on Fridays, starting February 23rd, from 12:15 -1:45.  Bring a lunch, should you so desire.  There is no cost involved, but please contact Pr. Jaime to register before 2/26.
The Third Time is a Charm

Our Bible Study last time was good, but the beignets would make a French cook weep.  We'll try again on Thursday, February 22nd at 5:00 p.m.  What's a beignet?  Hot, pillowy deliciousness, a snack before supper.  What's a Bible Study?  Food for the journey, words of eternal life.  
Sundays: Holden Evening Prayer 
Wednesdays: Bread and Belonging

All of our services are at 5:30 and are open to everyone without qualification.  Sunday evenings during Lent use a beautiful liturgy written by the author of "Unfailing Light," the liturgy we have used throughout Advent and Epiphany.  Sundays always include the celebration of the Eucharist, while Wednesday services always begin with freshly baked hot bread and include a wide variety of experiences, from Celtic-influenced worship to bottling communion wine to hearing how a professor's faith can shape his or her teaching.  
Throw Back Thursday
We try to see new movies most of the time, but some oldies are worth a visit for what they might say about us, God, and the human condition.  Join us on Thursday, March 1st at 7:30 for this classic.  As always, popcorn will be provided.  

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