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Our First Scotland Tour Rehearsal is on Monday!
Did your heart just skip a beat?

It's true! Our first tour rehearsal is this Monday, May 21, from 6:00-8:30PM at Westgate and we can hardly wait to begin!

Starting On Time
Every minute of rehearsal is valuable and will be used to the fullest degree. Our Scotland rehearsals will begin promptly which means being on time is planning your arrival 5-10 minutes before rehearsal begins.

Singers should bring their black 1" music binders to every rehearsal.

You have all the rehearsals marked on your calendar, right? If not, please take a moment NOW to record them as they are all required and all important.

May 21 (6-8:30pm)
June 3 (4-6:30pm)
June 7 (5pm family meeting; 6-8:30pm rehearsal)
July 17 (9am-3pm)
July 18 (9am-4pm)
July 19 (9am-4pm)
July 20 (9am-3pm)
July 22 (6-8:30pm)
July 23 (10am-4pm)
July 24 (send off concert, evening)
July 25 (final family meeting, evening)
July 26-August 5 Scotland!

Where can you see all the required rehearsals with venue information?
Use the handy links in the header section above and/or bookmark our tour webpage: madisonyouthchoirs.org/aberdeen

We are 71 days from departure--every email we send between now and July 26 will contain information vital to the success of the tour. We promise not to inundate you but to be clear and timely. Thank you for reading each email thoroughly and doing your part to pay attention to deadlines and instructions.

Please note: this email contains a number of action items that are time-sensitive. Thank you for reading to the end for all the information you need before Monday's rehearsal.
Action Item All: Bring Passport This Monday
All singers and staff: please bring your current passport to rehearsal this Monday so we can scan for our records. This should be the passport you are using for the Scotland trip--please do not bring an expired passport!

You will get it back at the end of rehearsal.

Tour Chaperones: If you are dropping off your singer at rehearsal this weekend, please bring your passport upstairs as well.
Action Item: Purcell, Britten, and Holst Tour Members
Please return all concert wardrobe items: blue blazer, white Oxford shirt, khaki pants, boychoir tie along with the completed wardrobe return sheet linked below by next Wednesday, May 23.

Please do NOT return your red MYC polo unless it no longer fits.
Action Item: Ragazzi Tour Members
Ragazzi tour members please complete the wardrobe query (ASAP) sent via email on Monday and also linked below:
Action Item All: Double-Check Your Gateway Info
We are ticketing next week. Please log on to your Gateway registration and triple-check the following:
  • tour participant's name is entered EXACTLY as it appears on the passport they will be using this summer
  • birthdate is entered correctly
  • meal preferences have been recorded for our KLM flights
Action Item All: Festival ID and Food, Glorious Food
Specific food allergy and meal preference information needs to be provided to the Festival staff. On days when a box lunch is being provided, this is especially important as the talented commissary staff will prepare the exact number of vegetarian, nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc., boxed lunches we need according to the information we provide. Please use the button below to record your specific information by Wednesday, May 23. This form will also be used to prepare our ID badges so an answer from every tour participant is needed: singers, chaperones, and staff. Thanks! 
Very Important Documents
Singers will be receiving a packet of Very Important Documents at Monday's rehearsal. These documents need to be reviewed, completed, signed, and returned to the MYC office no later than Friday, June 8.

We have our required parent/singer meeting on Thursday, June 7, which will likely be a convenient time to return packets!

What's Inside?
  • Health information; medical release
  • Prescription medication instructions and release
  • Letter of Agreement; Code of Conduct
  • Consent for Minor Child to Travel
  • Tour Wardrobe Forms
  • Instructions for Completing the Very Important Documents

We will remind you to check in with your singer after Monday's rehearsal to make sure the packet made it home. Fun!
Thank You!
We're looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday at 6PM.

P.S. Don't forget to join the Scotland 2018 Facebook Page. This will be our primary way of sharing information and pictures with families when we are in Scotland.

See you on Monday!