Weekly Notes From Madison Youth Choirs
Thursday, May 17, 2018
Congratulations and Thank you!
We couldn't be more proud of our singers or more grateful to our committed families for making this season so memorable. Thank you for a spectacular concert day and a season full of so many accomplishments and treasured memories.

Did you take pictures at our concerts on Sunday? We are always interested in seeing the concerts through your lens--if you're willing to share any images, please email Nicole.

What happens now? See below for all the end-of-season housekeeping items.
Turning in Wardrobe
ALL singers NOT returning next season: Please launder your MYC concert wardrobe and red polo, and return all items clearly labeled with your name to the MYC office. (No need to call ahead--if we're not here, items may be left by the office door.) Please turn in before May 31.

Members of Britten and Holst NOT going to Scotland: We will need your current wardrobe for the Scotland tour. Please launder and return all concert items (khaki pants, Oxford shirt, tie, and blazer), clearly marked with your name to the MYC office before May 31. Do NOT return your red polo unless you are no longer singing with us.

Members of Purcell, Britten, and Holst participating in the Scotland Tour: Please follow the special instructions for returning your wardrobe by next Wednesday, May 23. Instructions are included in the tour email delivered on Tuesday, May 15.

Everyone else: please hang on to your current wardrobe until placements are made for next season.
Turning in Music
All music should be removed from your singer's binder and returned to the MYC office. (Most has been returned--please double-check to see if your singer still has music.) Please include singer's name and ensemble when turning in music.
Tuition and Fundraising Statements
Families with a tuition, wardrobe fee, or fundraising balance will receive a statement via email this week. Thank you for paying close attention to any amounts outstanding. As a reminder, we depend upon families to meet their fundraising contribution goal as a necessary part of our 2017-18 budget since tuition covers roughly half of the actual cost of participation. Writing a check toward your fundraising goal is considered a tax-deductible donation to MYC.  Thank you for paying attention to your progress toward raising $200!

This Weekend
Feel free to turn in wardrobe, music, or a payment if you have an audition this Sunday. We will have the Big Red Box at the ready, as well as a rack and bins for collecting wardrobe and music.

Timeline for 2018-19 Placements and Registration
Singers who have notified us via the intention form that they wish to continue singing with us next year will receive an invitation to return to MYC for our 2018-19 season via email in early June. Tuition and registration forms will be due by mid-July and our season begins again in September! The season calendar will be included when invitations are sent in early June.

If you have not yet notified us that you wish to sing next season, it's not too late to reserve your seat. Please return your intention form or shoot us an email if you need it resent.
Calling all Current Con Gioia Singers:
Please help us choose the next Con Gioia conductor! We need your voice to make this possible. 

On Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10, we'll be seeing the final candidates for this position. We need a group of singers to be the choir they'll work with those days.

You don't have to prepare or rehearse anything. We'll have two short rehearsals each day, and we'll have a treat as a thank you when we're done! We are asking the candidates to do three things during our short rehearsals: (1) Some type of vocal warm-up, (2) work with you on a piece that you already know, and (3) introduce a new piece of music or teach you some type of musical concept or idea. 

Saturday, June 9 | Westgate Studios
9:45am arrive
10:00-10:30 rehearsal #1
10:30-10:45 break
10:45-11:15 rehearsal #2
11:15 wrap-up and treat
11:30 finished

Sunday, June 10 | Westgate Studios
1:45pm arrive
2:00-2:30 rehearsal #3
2:30-2:45 break
2:45-3:15 rehearsal #4
3:15 wrap-up and treat
3:30 finished

Ideally, we'd love singers that can be there both days, but we know that's a lot to ask! We do ask that if you are able to participate that you commit to at least one day, i.e., both rehearsals on Saturday OR both rehearsals on Sunday.
Concert Recordings Available from Audio for the Arts
Recordings may be ordered here.
Sing at the MAMAs (Madison Area Music Awards)
We're looking for a small group of high-school age singers to perform with area band, The Lower 5th on their song "Hope." This performance will require being flexible and available on Sunday, June 17 for early afternoon through the evening (the exact afternoon rehearsal time won't be known for a few weeks.) We'll rehearse with the band sometime in the afternoon and then perform at the evening concert.

It's an exciting event--we've been asked to sing in past years! Those singers available and chosen for this event will also need to learn the song and have a short rehearsal together sometime before June 17, times TBD.

Let Mike know if you are interested.
Join House Theater this Summer
MMSD students ages 14-20 are eligible to participate in House Theatre's production of Hairspray this summer. This program is a collaboration between House Theatre and MMSD. Participation is free.

Rehearsals run Monday through Thursday, 1pm - 4:30pm, June 18 - July 27, at East High School.

Performances are July 27, 28, and 29. (Sorry, not sorry, Scotland Tour participants--you will be hiking the highland heather many miles from Madison.)

More information as well as a registration form is available on House Theatre's website and via handouts on the parent table at rehearsals this weekend.
Madison Opera Audition Opportunity
See attached audition announcement for Stephen Sondheim's, A Little Night Music, to be performed February 2019 in the Capitol Theater.

Run MadTown and Brat Fest Fundraising Opportunities
Volunteer spots still open!

Both of these events take place Memorial Day Weekend and provide wonderful opportunities to raise money for Madison Youth Choirs (and make advanced progress toward your 2018-19 family fundraising contribution, i.e., NEXT season's goal for singers planning to return.)