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Happy Monday, Bravehearts!

Just sending a quick follow-up regarding our bowling outing scheduled for next Monday, July 18 along with a few other reminders:

First, please RSVP officially for the bowling (the link is below) so we have the reminder of who will be able to attend. Thanks for doing what you can to be there--If you're not able to make it, we understand and will make sure your family group is taken care of and has a good time. Our goal is to create a positive kick-off experience for the tour and our big rehearsal week. We'll plan a few ice-breakers, bowl together, eat some pizza, and be done by 8pm (or so)!

Second, with just over two weeks until departure, it would be super-helpful to have a volunteer organize our First Aid kits for the trip. This involves going through what we already have, thinking about what we will need, and actually assembling the kits. If this could be completed before our meeting on July 20 then kits could be distributed that evening leaving one less thing to distribute the night before we leave. Please email me if you are able to help with this. Thanks!

Third, we're looking forward to our big chaperone meeting on Wednesday, July 20, from 6-9pm at Orchard Ridge UCC (our rehearsal location for that week). If you have any questions before then, please don't hesitate to ask.

That's it! Thanks! Here's the handy link to RSVP for our bowling night: