Weekly Notes From Madison Youth Choirs
Thursday, May 9, 2019
It's Concert Weekend With MYC!
Thank you for paying attention to the dress rehearsal and concert details provided below. We are looking forward to a tremendous weekend of music-making and are so proud of everyone's contributions. This was an especially thought-provoking semester for our singers and the concerts this weekend will reflect the rich discussions and poignant moments of connecting the big ideas in our rehearsals.

We appreciate everyone's flexibility and commitment to making this a memorable weekend for our singers! 

As a safety measure, if your singer is not checked in at dress rehearsal and we have not heard they will be absent, we will call you to verify the absence. The best way to reach us this weekend is via the MYC cell phone: 608-770-7464.

Keep reading for all the details you need to know!
Dress Rehearsals & Concerts at the Capitol Theater
General Information for All
All drop-offs for the dress rehearsals and concerts will be at the Capitol Theater Stage Door Entrance on N Henry Street where W Dayton ends. (As a reference point, Shine United is directly across the street from where singers may be dropped off.) This is the back side of Overture Center and the only entrance singers should use all weekend. Please note: this is NOT the same entrance used for Mahler or MSO Christmas. The Capitol theater entrance is a half block toward State Street. Look for MYC staff and the red MYC sign. Singers may simply be dropped off at the stage door--staff will shepherd them inside. (Our dress rehearsals are closed to the public due to security at the Capitol Theater.)
    Schedule for Saturday, May 11
    Dress Rehearsals & Concert
    Call time means singers are on stage ready to rehearse--please plan to arrive ten minutes before your call so we can start rehearsal on time.
      Ensemble Call Time-End Time What to Wear What to Bring
      Choraliers 11:00am - 12:00pm red MYC polo nothing
      Capriccio 12:15pm - 1:15pm  red MYC polo music for turn-in
      Con Gioia 1:30pm - 3:00pm red MYC polo music for turn-in
      Britten 3:00pm - 5:30pm
      concert attire-
      NO tie
      all costume pieces in your possession
      Purcell 4:00pm - 5:30pm full concert attire nothing
      Holst 5:00pm - 6:30pm full concert attire music; snack
      Ragazzi 5:00pm - 6:30pm full concert attire music; snack

      Purcell & Britten have a dinner break starting at 5:30PM. All boychoir singers should be picked up by a parent at the stage door of the Capitol Theater at 5:30PM and returned at their call time.

      Holst & Ragazzi please arrive to your dress rehearsal having already eaten. You will have a brief break back stage between your dress rehearsal and concert call time to enjoy the snack you brought from home.

      Full Concert Attire:
      Purcell, Britten, and Holst: khaki pants, white Oxford, blue blazer, boychoir tie, black dress shoes
      Ragazzi: full tux with bow tie; black dress shoes

      Concert Call Times:
      6:45PM    Britten
      7:00PM    Purcell, Holst, and Ragazzi

      7:30PM Legacy Concert | Purcell, Britten, Holst, and Ragazzi
      Schedule for Sunday, May 12
      Dress Rehearsals & Concerts
      Call time means singers are on stage ready to rehearse--please plan to arrive ten minutes before your call so we can start rehearsal on time.

      Full Concert Attire:
      Choraliers, Con Gioia, Capriccio, Cantilena, Cantabile: black MYC concert dress, black undergarments, if possible (no visible straps); black hosiery; flat, black dressy shoes (no heels)

      Ragazzi: full tux with bow tie

      Afternoon Concert:
      Ensemble Call Time What to Wear What to Bring
      Cantilena 1:45pm full concert attire music; food or pocket money
      Cantabile 2:45pm full concert attire music; food or pocket money
      Choraliers 2:45pm full concert attire nothing
      Con Gioia 2:45pm full concert attire nothing
      Capriccio 2:45pm full concert attire nothing

      3:30PM Legacy Concert | Choraliers, Con Gioia, Capriccio, Cantilena, Cantabile
      Singers will be excused at the end of the concert.

      Cantilena and Cantabile will have a dinner break (on their own) immediately following the 3:30pm concert beginning at approximately 5pm. They are welcome to stay back stage or enjoy dinner on State Street.

      Evening Concert:
      Ensemble Call Time What to Wear What to Bring
      Ragazzi 5:30PM full concert attire music
      Cantabile 6:00PM full concert attire music
      Cantilena 6:30PM full concert attire music

      7:30PM Legacy Concert | Cantilena, Cantabile, and Ragazzi
      Ticketing Information
      Concert tickets are available through the Overture Center Box Office, 201 State Street, at any time in advance of our concert weekend or on concert day. The most economical way to purchase tickets is in person to avoid online surcharges. We recommend picking up your tickets when you drop off your singer for their dress rehearsal to avoid the lines!

      Tickets are $15/adults and $7.50/students. Children under 7 are free but a ticket is still required (Please visit the Overture Center Box Office). Seating is General Admission.

      Attending more than one concert? Two or three concerts may be purchased for the same inclusive price ($15/adult and $7.50/student) but must be purchased in person at the Box Office. This discount is NOT available online.

      IMPORTANT: MYC singers wishing to attend a concert in which they do NOT sing, may do so free of charge but we need to know IN ADVANCE. Singers: please make your complimentary ticket request via the Google form linked below. The final date to request your complimentary ticket is TODAY, THURSDAY, MAY 9. Your ticket will be at the Overture Center Box Office will-call window on Saturday.
        Reserving Your Seat for Next Season:
        Still Time to Return Your Intention Form & Deposit
        Seat reservations for next season are made by returning the intention form along with a $50 tuition deposit to MYC. Deposits are fully refundable through July 12. Thank you for carefully reading through the information provided with your singer's intention form and contacting us with any questions.
          Con Gioia Hosts Minneapolis Youth Chorus
          Saturday, May 18 | St. Luke's Lutheran Church
          Con Gioia will be hosting a visit from the Minneapolis Youth Chorus one week from Saturday on May 18, at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Middleton. Thank you for double-checking to make sure this is on your calendar (it's been on the Con Gioia calendar for several months.)

          The Details
          3:00pm - 5:00pm
          4:00pm Informal concert/sharing - Parents invited!

          Please wear your red MYC polo!

          We're looking forward to making new friends and singing together!
            Audition Reservations
            Please reserve your audition time if you haven't already done so. You are eligible to audition if you have returned your intention form with deposit (indicating you wish to audition) and have reached the minimum grade level for the next level performing choir. Please click here for more information.

            Tell Your Friends About MYC
            Now is the time to let your friends know about either auditioning for a performing choir (grades 5-12) or enrolling in a summer introductory choir session (ages 7-10). All the information they need is on our website under the Join A Choir tab.
            Final Tuition and Fundraising Statements
            Tuition statements were emailed to families last week who have a tuition balance due or an update to their fundraising. Thank you in advance for taking care of your account before the end of our season. As a reminder, payments may be placed inside the Big Red Box at dress rehearsals this weekend, dropped off at the office, mailed, or made via the payment form on our Members page.
            Brat Fest Registration
            Another fun fundraising volunteer option is upon us! interested members of the Madison Youth Choirs are invited to sign up to volunteer for the world's largest Brat Fest taking place over Memorial Day weekend (volunteer hours are available the entire week prior to the festival)! The hours worked volunteering at the festival contribute directly to your MYC fundraising total for next year. (This is a fantastic and fun way to get a jump start on next season's fundraising!) Please feel free to contact ian@madisonyouthchoirs.org with any questions that might come up!