A Madison Symphony Christmas
Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Hello Purcell, Britten, Holst MSO, Cantilena, Cantabile and Ragazzi Families:

Our rehearsals and performances with the Madison Symphony are next week beginning on Wednesday, November 28. This professional collaboration at the Overture Center is an incredibly rewarding experience for our singers. The information below was originally sent in early November. Thank you for paying attention to the information below and contacting us with any questions.
Rehearsal & Concert Primer
Everything you need to know about what to wear, when to arrive and how long each evening will last is in this document.  Please read it carefully and go over it with your singer. 

Singers received a copy at rehearsals two weeks ago. All rehearsals and concerts with the symphony are required.  If you have a conflict, please complete the absence form on our website as soon as possible.

All of our MSO rehearsals and performances are at the Overture Center. Pick up and drop off for all rehearsals and performances is at the Security Door at 121 N Henry Street. 

As a reminder, the MSO has provided $5 coupons to MYC families to be used at the Overture Box Office.  These are available at the Rehearsal Table (or MYC office) and only one coupon is needed for multiple ticket purchases.

Purcell, Britten, and Holst MSO sing in the first half of the concert only and we assume you are picking up your singer at the pick up time noted on the primer. If you are attending the concert, you will need to exit the building during Intermission and walk to the security entrance to pick up your singer. (Don't worry! There is always plenty of time for this!). Please remember to purchase an additional ticket so your singer can join you for the second half of the program!
Backstage Security Passes
We will distribute passes to singers at rehearsal the weekend after Thanksgiving. Please keep your pass with your music so it's ready to show at security.  While we want everyone to take responsibility for their passes, please do not panic if it gets lost or damaged. MYC staff will be at security to help you.

Text Message Alerts
During our week with the symphony, there may be times we need to update you from Overture Center during a rehearsal or a performance. For example, "We're running a few minutes late," or, better yet, "We're finishing a few minutes early!"

We use the Remind app to do this and it works great when we need to send a quick text to a large group of people. To be added to the distribution so you're in the loop (highly recommended!), please follow these directions:

Purcell families: text @mycpc to the number 81010
Britten families: text @mycbr to the number 81010
Holst MSO families: text @mycmso to the number 81010
Cantilena families: text @myccl to the number 81010
Cantabile families: text @myccb to the number 81010
Ragazzi families: text @mycrz to the number 81010
Thanks, everyone! Again, if you have any questions--especially new families who have not yet had the MSO experience--please feel free to contact us.