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September, 2013
School buses have made our street noisy again in the last few weeks and the voices of children and students can be heard through the still-open windows of our house as we read our morning paper. Teens stand in the dark under headphones while parent cars line the street at the bus stop on rainy days.
A boy on a scooter traces circles while waiting for the bus under the watchful eye of his mother. It is September and while parents welcome the return of order and schedule, they also worry about the forces that will influence and impact their children in the hours they are away from home. There is much about which to be concerned and one of the most frightening is the rampant sexual immorality of our culture.
Jonathan Shirk boldly takes on one of the most critical issues among young adults today: premarital sex or "co-habitation." We present Part one of a two part teaching in this issue.

by The Rev. Dr. Mark D Atkinson

Source: Heritage House What does Scripture teach regarding the nature of human life and the unborn? How ought the church to demonstrate compassion to a women in a crisis pregnancy and to her unborn child? Fourth in a series of six Scriptural Themes that indicate why we are pro-life.

D. God requires us to protect and care for the needy and the helpless

Proverbs 24:11-13; Psalm 10:17; Psalm 41:1; Matthew 18:10

Blessed is the one who considers the poor! In the day of trouble the Lord delivers him. Psalm 41:1

Compassion is a mark of God's people. As Christians, we can be proud of the work of the church in the Pro-life movement. There are more Crisis Pregnancy Centers - places where women can go to find support as they adjust to an unexpected pregnancy - in America today than there are abortion clinics. The abortion industry is a multi-million dollar a year business. Planned Parenthood received from the federal government $542 million dollars last year. Abortion is big business in America. Yet Crisis Pregnancy centers offer their services to their clients for free. The centers are run by volunteers and exist on donations. They reflect compassion.

By Jonathan Shirk
Years ago when I was in high school I had a conversation with one of my good friends. If my memory serves me correctly, my Christian friend was saying the Bible never said you could not have sex before you were married. Was he right?

At the time I did not have the Biblical wisdom or knowledge to discuss it thoroughly with him. My friend was a good thinker, and I assume, because of his faith in Christ, that he believed premarital sex was sinful, yet was wrestling with whether the Bible actually directly addressed the issue.

My friend's comment, or perhaps question, is still thought provoking and appropriate, and we need an answer, especially because premarital sex is such a controversial and relevant topic today. Does the Bible actually teach that we should not have sex prior to marriage? Sure, our parents, pastors, or Sunday School teachers may espouse the teaching, but is that fair? What does God actually say on the matter?

Resources Available from PPL

Position Statement on Sexuality in colorful brochure.

Sexuality: A Guide for Students, a brochure for young adults.

How far is too far? A Medical doctor's guide answers questions about touching and sexual temptation.

PURE HEARTS! PURE LIVES! A packet for youth leaders to help plan an event for youth that encourages sexual purity.

Other Recommended Resources

Abstinence Clearinghouse - resources for parents & teens, internet safety filters and apps to encourage abstinence.

Focus on the Family has many resources focused on maintaining sexual purity for men, women, and teens including help to strengthen marriage.

Thank you for partnering with Presbyterians Pro-Life in standing with abortion vulnerable women and their unborn children through your witness and your compassionate care. It makes a difference that has eternal consequences! Let's work together to pass on Biblical truth about the value of human life and God's intention for our joy within marriage. May God strengthen us for the task.
In Christ for Life,
Marie Bowen
Executive Director
Presbyterians Pro-Life
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In this issue Mark Atkinson continues to examine the teaching of the Bible on the value of human life and Jonathan Shirk takes on one of culture's biggest challenges and explains what Scripture says about sex and marriage.
PPL is committed to proclaiming Biblical truth on the issues of life and family. You will find rich resources on our website. I urge you to prepare personally to address these issues. A good place to begin is with Life, A Biblical Perspective.

Pray with PPL

Couple praying silhouette

September 15-21

1. Read Deut. 4:15; Job 9:11; Psa. 97:2; John 1:18, 6:46; Romans 1:20; Col.1:15

2. Pray that God will forgive you when you doubt His presence just because you

cannot see Him.

3. Pray for those who help provide alternatives

to abortion; for those who promote

adoption; for parents who have adopted


September 22-28

1. Read Ex. 20:5&7; 34:14; Josh.24:19;
2 Chron. 16:9;
Isa. 30:1-2;

Ezek. 23:25, 39:25

2. Pray that our God who is a consuming fire will consume your whole life.

3. Pray for the meeting of the Presbyterian

Mission Agency Board (PCUSA), that they make wise and godly decisions that will lead the church to follow Christ faithfully.

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