Hi Cantabile and Ragazzi singers and families (please share with your singer):
Looking forward to our concert at the Monroe Arts Center this coming Sunday!

Buses LEAVE Westgate at 11:30am, so please arrive before that time. We cannot wait for singers--we need the rehearsal time in Monroe. Singers that live closer to Monroe are welcome to meet us at the Monroe Arts Center at 12:25pm; just let me know if you will not be taking the bus with us. 

Concert is at 2:00pm (Click here for more information). Tickets are available through their website or at the door ($10 Adults/$5 students). We'd love to see you there. They will also be selling DVD's of last year's performance of "The Snow Goose"! 

We will return to Westgate by 4:30pm at the latest (likely earlier). Singers are welcome to return to Madison with their families if you attend the concert; just see me before you leave to check in. 

Singers should come dressed in their full concert wardrobe (black dresses/hose/black flats; tuxedos/black shoes) since there is no place at the venue to change. We'll provide snacks after the concert (please bring your own if you have dietary restrictions).

There is no rehearsal that evening at Westgate. 

MAY 17
I still need to hear from the following singers about our potential May 17 performance. Please email ASAP; we can't make a decision until we hear from more singers. 

Mason, Will, Michael E, Gabe, Sascha H, Nathaniel, Liam K, Clayton, Henry M, Erick P-H, Mark P-H, Justin, Rowen, Jose, Eric R-B, Jameson, Omeed, Peter.

Halle, Sophie, Kristin, Phoebe, Morgan, Vicky, Lauren, Juliana, Anya, Lydia

Thanks for checking out this date--I know it's a busy time of year. I'm hopeful that we'll have enough singers to be able to participate.

Thanks and see everyone Sunday!