Our spring Legacy concerts and Cantilena, Cantabile, & Ragazzi
Hi Cantabile, Ragazzi, & Cantilena Families!

We're really looking forward to our upcoming weekend of concerts in May in the beautiful Capitol Theater at Overture Center for the Arts. Since our high school ensembles are each participating in more than one concert, I wanted to write to give you a little more info about each choirs' concerts.

My main message is: We'd LOVE to see you at multiple performances. And once you've bought tickets for one concert, tickets for the 2nd (or 3rd) are FREE. You need tickets for each concert, but you don't need to pay twice or three times. The best way to do this is through buying tickets in person at the Overture Center box office. This gets you the multiple concert discount and lets you avoid their online or phone fees. [It is not possible to get this discount online.]

The concerts are general admission, there are plenty of seats, and they won't sell out--you are safe to buy tickets at the door the day of the concert. One important detail: if you are planning to attend multiple concerts, please buy those tickets at the first concert you will attend. Don't split up your purchase; unfortunately the discount doesn't work that way.

On to the concerts!
Saturday, May 11 7:30pm: Ragazzi (+ boychoirs)
Sunday, May 12 3:30pm: Cantabile, Cantilena (+ girlchoirs)
Sunday, May 12 7:30pm: Cantabile, Cantilena, Ragazzi

Saturday night, May 11 (7:30pm) is our boychoir concert. Ragazzi will sing three pieces on their own, sing one combined with Holst, and sing one with all of the boychoirs combined. Sunday night (May 12, 7:30pm) they will sing four pieces on their own (the same ones from Saturday night) and one combined with all of the high school ensembles. 

At the 3:30pm Sunday, May 12 concert, both choirs will sing 2-3 songs each. At the 7:30pm concert, they will sing their full sets  (the same songs + a few more) and combine with all of the high school ensembles for one piece.

Don't forget you are encouraged, welcomed, prodded...to join our Legacy choirs. Those perform on Saturday night (men) and Sunday afternoon (women).

Any questions? Let me know.