Special Invitation to join Spring Tallis for Purcell or Britten singers

Happy Thursday, Britten and Purcell Families!
We are extending a special invitation to singers in Purcell and Britten to join Margaret on Sunday afternoons from 4-5pm in the spring session of Tallis (introductory choir).

Your role would be to:
--attend Tallis faithfully for ten weeks beginning this Sunday, February 19 through May 7 (no class April 9 or 16). 

--participate in the class as role models and leaders for the Tallis students. This detail is important: we are offering this opportunity to those Purcell and Britten singers that can support and encourage younger singers. 

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in additional vocal training (ten hours of instruction at no cost) and honing their emerging leadership skills in rehearsal. Your participation will help deliver a great MYC experience to our spring Tallis class!

Ideally, we would like 4-5 singers to commit to this opportunity. If you're interested, please email Mike before Sunday. Thank You!