Hello Mahler families,

Here we are, already at the “home stretch”.  
We have just 4 more rehearsals until we start dress rehearsals with the Symphony.

A few reminders:

It makes a difference. Please make sure your singer is there for all four of the next rehearsals, otherwise I can guarantee they will feel behind.  (The snow days did take their toll on us.)  

It’s really important that they be seated and ready to go (with a pencil and their music) by 6:25. It impacts the rehearsal when kids are walking in even 2 minutes late.  This hasn’t been a huge problem—but just a small one with a few kids.

We are starting to keep a scorecard of which movements are
 ____Begun ___Learned   ____Memorized.

1. Singers should be completely memorized on #3, #5 and #6.  (Have them check.)

2. For next Tuesday, please have your singer review (for memory) #7 and #8. In our Dropbox (click on the link), they are a single, consecutive recording.

3. Have them listen to the orchestra recording of #4 “Gloria patri”. (It’s the one marked “Gloria patri”). Their task: get familiar with the long orchestra interludes between the 5 phrases they sing. Can they hear their part in the thick orchestral texture?  Even listening and NOT being able to hear it will help them realize what we’re up against. Their score has blank measures of rest—can they figure out what to write in those spaces, to help them hear?

4. ASSIGNMENT: Five Women
Next week we look at the Five Women in the Faust Scene (Part 2), who sing in the scene with them (the Blessed Children):

1) Magna Peccatrix (The Great Sinner) Luke 7:36
2) Mulier Samaritana (Samaritan Woman) John 4
3) Maria Aegyptica (Mary of Egypt) Acta Sanctorum
4) A Penitent (formerly known as Gretchen, or “Margaret”)
5) Mater Gloriosa

Who are these women? Let them see how much they can figure out, from the Internet (or the Bible) or Goethe’s Faust.  I’ll leave it at that, and see what they come up with….

Thank you, thank you for committing to this giant project,