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February 18, 2010

Violence against pregnant women to be topic at 219th GA
Woman in distressStatistics show that 64% of women who have had abortions felt pressured by someone else to make that decision. Sometimes that pressure turns violent. Commissioners to the 219th General Assembly in Minneapolis in July will have an opportunity to speak
against this injustice.
Read more.
Pastor's Column addresses report of Special Committee on Christian Marriage and Civil Unions
The Rev. Dr. Mark AtkinsonFrom the March Newsletter of Fairview Presbyterian Church, written by The Rev. Dr. Mark Atkinson
"Houston, we have a problem." These famous words from the astronauts on Apollo 13 captured the truth that the moon launch mission was facing a severe crisis... Sadly, the echo of these words came to me as I read the final report of our denomination's Special General Assembly Committee on Christian Marriage and Civil Unions. Read more.


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Shoes with lacesDo you remember broken shoestrings?
They must be making shoestrings out of tougher materials these days. It has been years since I have had to replace one! Broken shoestrings were a regular occurrence when I was growing up in a farm family with 7 brothers and sisters. I learned how to re-center the lace and tie a smaller knot. Still, there was always a time when the only solution was a new shoelace.

Budgets can be like shoelaces! Presbyterians Pro-Life has always operated on a "shoestring budget." Thriftiness has served our organization well. In the last two years, changes in the denomination and the economy have reduced PPL's income by one fourth. Printing and postage costs have continued to rise. Cutting PPL's already lean budget meant leaving our Associate Director position vacant and discontinuing quarterly publication of our newsletter. What we really need is "a new pair of shoestrings!" That's why I'm writing to you to ask for
your financial support for the critical year ahead. We need your help!

This is a General Assembly year in the PC(USA). PPL is committed to being in Minneapolis, July 3-10 for this important meeting of our denomination's highest governing body. At the Assembly PPL will have an exhibit booth, distribute a newsletter, provide information, hospitality, and assistance to commissioners, and hold two pro-life events. We will also give vital testimony in committees to support pro-life overtures. We really need for you to give generously this year so that we can be an effective pro-life presence at the GA!

You should know that PPL's Board of Directors and volunteer team members come to GA at their own expense. They pay for their own transportation, hotel accommodations, and provide their own meals. Many use vacation time in order to serve long days doing humble tasks. It's part of our 'shoestring' philosophy and our sense that this is God's work and we want to be faithful stewards of every dollar we receive.

PPL has never received support from the denomination. All of our work is dependant upon the gifts of individuals and churches who share our belief that human life is precious to God and that vulnerable lives ought to be protected.

My mother always had a supply of extra shoestrings in her cupboard. God's cupboard, too, is generously filled. I have no doubt that He will provide through his people for all that PPL will need. I know that, like me, you are receiving requests from many worthy organizations. Please pray about this one and respond as generously as you are able. I am ever so grateful for your faithfulness to PPL!
Yours in Christ for Life,
Marie Bowen
Executive Director
II Tim. 4:1-5
"But you...keep your head in all situations. Stay the course. Endure hardship. Do the work of an evangelist. Be merciful. Discharge all the duties of your calling."