Insiders Report

Thank you for choosing to be a Dream Catcher by your financial donation, to the Children’s Safety Center. The team could not give their services, while providing hope and healing without your support. Please remember your gift did make a direct impact in 2016 and here are just a few of the ways in which you helped:

  • 612 alleged victims of child abuse were offered support.
  • 133 alleged victims of child abuse had their forensic medical exams at the CSC.
  • 544 alleged victims of child abuse had their forensic interviews at the CSC.
  • There were 91 new CSC therapy clients
  • 784 sessions at the CSC
  • We are in the process of rehiring for the CSC bilingual child advocate position and we will be adding a fourth full-time child advocate to the CSC team, again. We will be thrilled to have 9 full-time staff and a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, who is on contract, to help with the increase in children seen.
  • The CSC has recently implemented our fifth program: prevention education. The Program Director, Casey Atwood, is providing education to adults in the community on how to keep children safe from abuse, by implementing Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children Program. The CSC Program Director is an authorized facilitator of Stewards of Children, which is comprised of educational materials, a two hour training including 5 steps to protecting our children by using a combination of survivor stories, expert advice and practical guidance. Stewards of Children is the only nationally distributed, evidence-based program proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes, and change child protective behaviors. Stewards of Children goes beyond awareness - it provides skills. Participants learn specific concrete actions that they can take, as individuals and as a part of bigger organizations, that work to protect children.
  • The second part of the prevention education is having Casey also provide a Child Abuse Prevention/Body Safety Education Curriculum called Empower Me! to each school district in Washington County. Through the program, Casey is training school counselors to implement the curriculum with K-6th grade students with the teachers. Springdale School District is the first one to sign up and have all their counselors trained.
  • I wanted to share some of the comments from caregivers in 2016 (they fill out a survey, if they choose to):

Question: “What did you appreciate the most about your experience at the Center?”

“Their willingness to come at night.”

“All of the help and explanation.”

“Their compassion and understanding.”

“Abra did great at explaining how important it was to discuss body parts with all our kids and gave us some great book ideas to buy that will help.”

“Everyone was so helpful and polite and we felt very comfortable even though the reason for being here was not a pleasant one the experience at the center was.”

“The place was very friendly and great for the kids to feel safe.”

“The kids are made to be put first and have their word heard.”

Through our fundraising events, grants, individual donors and funds through the state, we raised more than $600,000 in 2016. Again, it would not be possible without each of you and we are truly grateful.

As we begin our 20th year in the community, we hope you will be able to celebrate with us at the following events:

  • Partners Plus Prevention Breakfast – February 28th – 7:15 am – The Chancellor Hotel, Fayetteville (If you are interested in hosting a table, please let Emily know –
  • Dream Big Charity Gala – July 22nd – 7:00 pm – The Fayetteville Town Center
  • Children’s Christmas Train – December 2nd – 8-4 pm – The AR/MO Railroad, Springdale

Thank you and we hope you Dream Big in 2017 -

Elizabeth Shackelford
CSC Executive Director
614 East Emma Avenue, Suite 200 Springdale, AR  |  479-872-6183