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At the end of life an individual facing their own imminent death or that of a loved one is often faced with a confusing array of decisions for which they and their family are unprepared. What can we do now to prepare for the end of our own lives and to be of help to others facing death and dying?

​[Number 2 in a series on decision-making at end of life]
In September, PPL reported on a pending physician assisted suicide bill in California. Since, Governor Brown has signed the bill into law. Tadashi Agari, a pharmacist from Stockton, CA and a PPL supporter had this to say about the bill.
This is a grave concern for me and others as health care providers. . .

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by Wendell Jones, Marshall, TX

"It is incomprehensible to most clear thinking Americans that the Holocaust could occur in such an enlightened and traditionally Christian country as Germany. Yet since the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision on January 22, 1973, a holocaust with much greater numbers than the WWII Holocaust has been legally taking place within our borders."

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Order Human Life Alliance's new comic, Carlos and Isabel Save Esperanza, to teach young children that all human beings deserve to be cherished and loved. Preview the comic here.  

November is Adoption Month

Prepare now to use PPL's four educational bulletin inserts on adoption. Download the inserts and find other adoption resources on PPL's website.

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John 4; I Jn 4:7-21
Pray for those suffering pain & illness & those facing the hour of death. Pray they will embrace the activity of God in them & through them and find comfort in the loving embrace of the Body of Christ.
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