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SEPTEMBER 17, 2019
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In house attorneys looking for a better way to organize, vet and easily retrieve legal news created the National Law Review on-line edition.  The National Law Review's editors screen and classify breaking news and analysis authored by recognized legal professionals and our own journalists.

There is no log in to access the database and new articles are added hourly.​
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The original NLR started in 1888 - but currently operates in an on-line only format. Our on-line platform was developed by in-house attorneys and is operated by attorneys and journalists. 
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With a Domain Authority of 71* and established reputation, we not only provide wide distribution, but also credentialize our authors and help SEO your website.  We do all this while our publishers retain their copyright and gain useful insight about their thought leadership’s readers.  (*As of December, 2018)

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We're one of the highest volume business law publications in the U.S.For Specifics Click Here

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NLR uploads and promotes your firm's author profiles, events and educational content for a flat annual fee of $4,999. Single article and limited packages are also available. For More Info Click Here
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  • NLR's content is featured on professional association websites,government and corporate intranet services, Google News MSN, Yahoo, Bing and many other news services,  and is picked up daily by mainstream media and bloggers.
  • Articles can include embedded video or podcasts for enhanced impact.
  • On-site live analytics and reports provide detailed insight on readership, key words, other media citing your content and other useful tidbits about your firm's content.
  • NLR promotes our publishers content through direct mail, regular newsletters and partnerships with prominent associations.
  • NLR's platform keeps content available and easily accessible to legal consumers for up to two years.

What Do NLR Publishers Think?  
"Since we began working with the National Law Review we have seen an uptick in both article and biography views, and have also had potential clients reach out to us because of an article's appearance on the site."
 "We are extremely pleased with our National Law Review relationship. NLR provides outstanding service, assistance, and responsiveness. It also is extremely effortless and turnkey to get our attorneys’ articles posted on the NLR site." 

"We love working with a news service founded by attorneys, is women owned and is U.S. based and operated."
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It’s perhaps the legal industry’s most-asked question: how can attorneys get noticed by in-house counsel? Jaimala Pai, Principal Legal Counsel at Medtronic, joined the Law Firm Marketing Catalyst podcast to offer her tips, including how to stand out by finding a niche, and why diversity and inclusion is so important.   More on Getting Hired by In-House Counsel Here
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