October 2013
Inside Appalachian Community Fund!
ACF To Assess Regional Needs

As you all know, the Appalachian Community Fund (ACF) has been supporting social change work in the region since 1987. It has been an honor to partner in the critical work that you all do on the ground. In order for ACF to stay current with the changing needs, challenges and accomplishments taking place in your communities, it is critical that we have opportunities to hear from you.

In 2012 we conducted a survey that began to explore the landscape and to determine how ACF was doing in responding to your needs for funding and technical assistance. The New York Community Trust is providing an opportunity to build on this survey and to deepen our understanding of the current climate in order to plan for the future funding and capacity building needs of our grantee partners.

To that end we will be engaging in an assessment that will include the following components:

  • an analysis of ACF's giving patterns over the past 5 years;
  • an environmental scan of the current state of social change and social challenge in the region;
  • a survey of our grantee partners regarding the critical issues and changing trends you are seeing;
  • a series of small convenings to plan together about future capacity building efforts;
  • and a series of interviews with stakeholders regarding ACF's impact on the social change work in the region.

We are very excited to have this opportunity to engage with you in this learning process and hope you will take the time to fill out the survey that will be coming your way in October. It will be sent out electronically and in paper form by mail to all our past and present grantee partners. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for all your transformational work over the past 26 years.


DREAM of the month

What are Your Dreams for Appalachia...?

"Economic diversification that builds healthy and sustainable communities instead of polluting and divisive among lines of oppression."

In early 2013, we conducted a survey from our e-newsletter, Twitter and Facebook subscribers and asked what your dreams are for the next 25 years in Appalachia. We will highlight at least one of your responses every month.

The survey is still open, so you can continue to share your dreams for the region. Simply follow the link under WHAT IS YOUR DREAM? We will highlight at least one here every month and in other social media.

News From the Region

National Convergence Partnership

Outline of Initiatives to Create Healthy Thriving Communities

The Convergence Partnership believes we must create environments that promote good health. People thrive when they live in communities that offer access to healthy foods and safe places to play and be active. The Partnership is not alone in this belief. The various activities, strategies, and resources outlined in their monthly newsletters lift up efforts aimed at creating environments that support healthy people in healthy places. Read more here.

The Women of Appalachian

Women of Appalachia: Sisters in STEM Conference

October 17 & 18, 2013

Tentative agenda and registration is now online! The keynote speaker for this year's conference is Dr. Sharon Denham, Professor of Nursing at Ohio University. Dr. Denham is a renowned and dedicated scientist, nurse scholar and educator leading research and community efforts to promote and advocate for family health in Appalachian Ohio. Over the years she has led and conducted a number of research studies with Appalachian populations about topics related to family health issues including, bereavement, abuse and violence, tobacco use, and family routines. Her current work focuses on diabetes prevention in Appalachia. For more information click here.

4th annual Mildred Haun Conference
A Celebration of Appalachian Literature, Scholarship, and Culture
The Mildred Haun Conference is an attempt to explore and define Appalachian literature and culture for ourselves and for the outside world. We are seeking individual and panel presentations from faculty members, independent scholars, community members, and students who have an interest in any aspect of Appalachian literature and culture.
The 4th Annual Mildred Haun Conference invites papers that explore, but are not limited to, the following broad areas of interest: multiculturalism in Appalachia; scholarship related to personal and cultural stories associated with Appalachia: explorations of folk medicine, storytelling, history, or crafts; treatment of stereotypes in Appalachian literature and popular culture, creative writing and publication; art or music projects/presentations; research projects, papers, or panel discussions focused on activism in Appalachia; special consideration will be given to papers focusing on Mildred Haun or her work and special consideration will be given to papers focusing on Frank X. Walker or his work. To read more click here.

Dimensions of Political Ecology: Conference on Nature/Society

The University of Kentucky

This year, the UK Political Ecology Working Group invites YOU to organize sessions for the upcoming Dimensions of Political Ecology (DOPE) Conference! The UK Political Ecology Working Group hope that having participants organize sessions will make the conference more reflective of the wide range of cutting edge research currently taking place in political ecology. Online registration opened October 1st and cost $20 for students and $40 for faculty (there is no fee for undergraduate participants). The registration deadline is December 2nd. Please click here for more conference highlights and registration instructions, including how to submit a paper abstract that you would like the conference organizing committee to attempt to place in a suitable session if you are unable to find/organize an appropriate organized session. The conference dates are February 27 - March 1, 2014.

Job Opportunities in Central Appalachia

Coal River Mountain Watch

Naoma, West Virginia
is seeking applicants for a full time staff position based out of our office in Naoma, WV. The primary responsibility will be coordinating the Citizens Action for Real Enforcement (CARE) Campaign. The CARE Campaign is a coalition effort to bring grassroots pressure on the Office of Surface Mining (OSM) to fix West Virginia's broken regulatory system for coal mining. Responsibilities will include convening conference calls and coordinating with the 18 state and national group coalition, managing volunteers, organizing canvassing and other public outreach efforts, coordinating with our legal team, planning public actions and educational events, working with coal-impacted residents to tell their stories and other communications work. Additional responsibilities with the position may include working with impacted residents to investigate and pursue complaints against mining operations and communicating with regulatory agencies about specific or systematic violations of the law with our Citizens' Enforcement Project. Please submit a resume, cover letter, writing sample and 3 references to Vernon Haltom vernoncrmw@gmail.com. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, so send yours in ASAP.

Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center

Seeks Operations Manager

Narrow Ridge Center is seeking a full-time, onsite staff person with managerial, gardening, electrical, and general handy person skills who embraces our mission of Earth literacy and is willing to work for a modest monthly stipend. Housing accommodations may also be provided. For more information please click here.

West Virginia Farmers Market Association

Seeks Branding and Marketing Consultant

West Virginia Farmers Market Association (WVFMA) was formed in 2007 as a statewide farmers market association. Its goal is to strengthen the viability of farmers markets across the state by fostering cooperation among members and service providers in problem - solving, identification and adoption of best practices, and working towards policy or regulatory improvements. WVFMA wants YOUR help finding a branding and marketing consultant! Do you know, or have you worked recently with a marketing expert, logo designer and/or brand development team on projects related to farmers markets or local foods? If you have, and you think they were great, do them (and WVFMA) a favor and refer them to this RFP.

Join the Team

Is looking for a team member to work with in a statewide dialogue-to-action initiative. The person who fills this VISTA position will help build a stronger West Virginia, while gaining valuable professional experience in working with leaders throughout the state in media, nonprofits, faith communities, education, business, and government. Primary responsibilities are outreach and communication with statewide project partners and local community teams, including: project-related workshops and statewide training events; newsletter, emails, webinars, website content, and online dialogues; outreach to dialogue participants throughout the state; communication system for project partners and local dialogue-to-action teams
For more information or to apply for the position contact Marta Pate 304.414.4452, mpate@stepbystepwv.org.

VISTA position open at West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition

Apply Now

The West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition (WVFFC) is seeking applicants for an OSM/VISTA position at its office in Oak Hill, WV. Responsibilities include assisting with buyer-grower networking events, assisting with project efforts related to school gardens and improved food access, researching local food grants and opportunities for our newsletter, and working closely with the WVFFC Director on a variety of other projects. The VISTA will be part of a statewide network and will work with many different people and organizations who care about local food. This is a great entry-level opportunity for someone who wants to start a career helping farmers and food businesses, building local food systems, or improving access to healthy local food. For further details click here.
Funding Opportunities

Apartments.com Expands Efforts to Combat Homelessness

Kicks-Off Inaugural Help for Homeless Grant Program

Apartments.com is launching a new Help for Homeless Grant Program to support not-for-profit homeless service providers in the United States. There is an overwhelming need for more than 3 million people who experience homelessness each year - the need for a helping hand; a warm bed; a hot meal to eat; or a safe place for kids to learn and play. The Apartments.com Help for Homeless grant program will support the programmatic or operational expenses of organizations directly benefiting the homeless population, with grants ranging from $500 to $10,000 per organization (totaling up to $100,000). For more details click here.

Appalachian Sound Archives Fellowships 2013-2014

Berea College

The Fellowship program now has two purposes. Continuing as in the past, one is to encourage the scholarly use of Berea's existing non-commercial audio / video collections. The other, new for 2013-1014, is to support new documentation projects that produce primary source material of lasting value for future research use in the Berea College Archives. Awards in support of either type of research are for one month with stipends of $3,000. For more details click here.

Kentucky's School Report on Childhood Obesity

Alliance for Healthier Generation

Kentucky has the 7th highest childhood obesity rate in the United States. Currently 35.7% of youth in Kentucky are overweight or obese. Obese children are more likely to become obese adults. And if you're overweight as a child, your obesity in adulthood is likely to be more severe. So the changes you make now can help your state provide the next generation with the most opportunities to live a longer and healthier life. Click here to view full report.
Eastern Kentucky to Host Citizens' Institute on Rural Design
Get Creative: Art as an Economic Driver
The Central Appalachian Institute for Research and Development (CAIRD) will host the Citizens' Institute on Rural Design (CIRD) October 29-31, 2013 at the Center for Rural Development in Somerset, KY. The CIRD conference in Appalachian Eastern Kentucky will integrate arts and culture into existing community plans, raising awareness about the potential of artisans and craft industries to serve as an economic engine for a 54- county region. The workshop will bring together a wide range of participants, including local political leadership, tourism experts, arts organizations, cultural heritage experts, and federal government officials. Registration for the event is free at www.caird-connect.org. The workshop will demonstrate that incorporating arts and culture into community plans is affordable for all communities. The event will include recommendations and creative concepts for realistic, affordable initiatives to include artistic design, features, and programming in Eastern Kentucky communities. Eastern Kentucky has great potential for tourism development with beautiful mountains, winding rivers, trails, music, and colorful fall foliage. Further development of the arts and cultural fields will be a valuable asset to this emerging industry.
UT Knoxville's 2013 OUTstanding Seminar Exploring LGBTIQ Diversity

Axes of Identity: Exploring Intersections of Diversity

Saturday, October 26, 8:30am - 6:30pm, keynote by Robyn Ochs, author of Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World and of Bi Women. Trans panel presented by Marisa Richmond of the TN Transgender Political Coalition. Closing performance by spoken-word poet and author Stacyann Chin, co-writer and performer in the Tony Award winning Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam. The seminar is interdisciplinary. Subjects for intersections may include age, race, ethnicity, colorism, language, dialect, nationality, geography, class and privilege, Appalachian and rural culture, sex/gender, women's studies, men's studies and masculinities, gender and transgender identities, gender expression and drag, sexuality, sexual orientations, conflicts within the LGBTIQ spectrum, communications and media, cultural studies, history, hybridity, religion and philosophy, law and public policy, rhetoric, social and economic justice, social science approaches, human development, education, medicine, health and wellness, abilities/disabilities, science and technology, theory, the university experience, and more. Proposals from local and non-local, academic and non-academic presenters welcome. For more info, to view 2011 and 2012 presenters, or to download a proposal form: https://outstandingseminar.wordpress.com/submit-a-proposal/ Contact: Cat Miller crmiller90@gmail.com

UT Releases Guide to Protect Region's Water Resources

The PlanET Connection

A group of researchers from the University of Tennessee released an educational guide on low-impact development (LID) last week. The study, conducted by the Landscape Architecture Program, examines the region's water resources and different ways to handle stormwater runoff. UT's guide, Low-Impact Development: Opportunities for the PlanET Region, will help municipalities, developers and the general public meet stricter Clean Water Act standards that require on-site control of stormwater runoff, a non-point source pollutant. Throughout PlanET's public input process, residents have picked clean water among their top priorities. According to the UT study, the area's lakes, streams, wetlands and reservoirs serve many functions, from navigation to hydropower generation and from recreation to fish habitat to drinking water supply. Shared water resources cross city, county and state lines and need careful management and stewardship. The UT work was undertaken as part of the PlanET demonstration project series. The LID guide is available for download at http://www.planeasttn.org/LID. Copies are also at public libraries throughout the PlanET region.


Oct 5th 2013 (Harrisonburg, VA) National Day for Human Dignity & Respect
Oct 5th 2013 Harrisonburg, Virginia National Day for Human Dignity & Respect

Virginia Organizing Celebrates National Day Of Dignity and Respect
With Five Actions in Support of Immigration Reform Across the State
On Saturday, October 5, Virginia Organizing celebrated the National Day of Dignity and Respect to support comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. The five events across the state were part of 183 events across the nation to show solidarity among immigrants and allies for citizenship. Read more here.

Work on the Little Stoney Falls Trail
Saturday, October 26th
Want to lend a hand? Join The Clinch Coaltion in their work to "protect the forest, wildlife, and watersheds" of our National Forest and communities. They are always seeking new volunteers to help with forest and water monitoring, trail work, and more! Whether you're interested in becoming a member, or would just like to help out for a day, contact them at: clinchcoalition@mounet.com
West Virginia

Mountain Justice Fall Summit

Friday - Sunday Oct 25-27, 2013

This will be an action-packed weekend of workshops, trainings and action in the heart of the Appalachian mountains. You will learn about Appalachian culture and history and the long tradition of resistance to strip mining and mountaintop removal mining. You will see mountaintop removal from the top of Kayford Mountain, the beloved homeplace of the famous "Mountain Keeper," the late Larry Gibson. Larry died protecting his mountain from mountaintop removal - now it's up to us to keep defending his home. At the Mountain Justice Fall Summit you will meet residents of the Appalachian Mountains and the Coal River Valley who are fighting to protect them, and the people who are standing alongside them. You will learn about non-violent civil disobedience and direct action and how Mountain Justice and allied organizations are using these tools to directly confront the coal companies who are blowing the tops off America's oldest mountains. Mountain Justice is committed to peaceful, non-violent resistance to mountaintop removal. Read more and register here.

Fairness, West Virginia

2013 Faces of Fairness Conference & Gala

Saturday, November 2nd

The 2013 Fairness Conference & Gala (C&G) will be held, in Charleston, WV. All conference events will take place at the Charleston Civic Center and will begin at 8:00 am, while the Gala will once again be held at the Cultural Center located on the Capitol complex. The Gala will begin at 6:00 pm. Here are a few C&G updates: Rod Snyder is the distinguished keynote speaker and conference sessions will include the following topics: family law, housing discrimination, financial planning, communities of faith, domestic violence, campus, community, and workplace organizing. As a reminder, early bird registration closes at midnight on October 18 and final registration ends at midnight on October 28. Click here for all the latest information about the C&G at the event page - and make your plans to attend either or both events now! Click here for more information.

Create West Virginia 2013 Conference
The Future

Help create new innovative economy opportunities in West Virginia! Can innovation and entrepreneurship take root in Appalachia and transform empty post-Industrial Era boom-towns into sustainable, creative, prosperous communities? Can creative communities, companies and campuses embrace sustainable energy, e-commerce and progressive new ways to learn, earn and connect people? Yes! It's happening all over West Virginia. But it needs YOUR support to keep growing. Click here for more details.

Enewsletters From Central Appalachia

Below are Enewsletters About Social Change Work in Appalachia

Ways to Give
Ways to Give

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About Us

To get involved contact Margo Miller via email margo@appalachiancommunityfund.org or by phone 865-523-5783. Thank you for your continued support of ACF and Central Appalachia. Here's to another 25 years of Change, Not Charity!

Mission Statement
The Appalachian Community Fund funds and encourages grassroots social change in Central Appalachia. ACF works to build a sustainable base of resources to support community-led organizations seeking to overcome and address issues of race, economic status, gender, sexual identity, and disability. As a community-controlled fund, ACF offers leadership to expand and strengthen the movement for social change through its practices and policies.
Over 25 Years Working for Social Change
Since its founding in 1987, ACF has awarded over $6 million for community organizing and social justice work to more than 300 grassroots organizations in Central Appalachia. Out motto - Change, Not Charity - reflects our vision to support social change organizing and our conviction that, by networking and partnering with organizations working to address the root causes of social, racial, economic and environmental problems facing Central Appalachia every day, we can create more just, equitable healthy communities with opportunities for every one. ACF has had a significant impact in our region. Please visit success stories and current grantees to find out more.

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